Painting on Canvas Fabric and Testing Textile Medium


A few years ago, I bought canvas fabric because I wanted to DIY my own canvas board, but it never happened. I suddenly switched to digital art, so my traditional art supplies got forgotten for years, and this year, in 2023, I decided to return to traditional art again, where my art journey started.

I was testing the textile medium I bought the one you use to convert acrylic paint to textile paint which you used for fabric so that the paint will not fade when you wash it. I am planning to paint a tote bag so I used the canvas fabric I had for practice. I painted a tote bag before but the paint faded after washing it once.

So I am gonna show what is the process and the result of it.



The first thing is the canvas fabric the important one and the acrylic paints.


I only used two brush to my surprised this old brushes of mine works perfectly. I was shock about the detailed brush I experimentally cut to make it more detail. The next one the textile medium the reason why I try to paint on fabric. So I can see if the paint will fade if I wash it.


You need a pre-mix paint so time will not waste on mixing and mixing. The small container is a big help to store the used paints.

The Process


I forgot to take picture of the sketch. I was too excited LOL. So I started the painting with the sunflower's line art and then next is the petals I first layer it with a base color and I layer it with darker, for the shadow of it.



I did not fill some of the petals of the sunflower it will serve as a highlight of the paint. It's kinda like watercolor. After layering the line art some of the faded it's fine, I am gonna final touch on it.


For the stem and leaves, I used earthy green not the usual color of the green parts. I used simple color of it to make it look minimalist.


For the seed part, I use dark brown on it just it and I just layer the part with a lot of shadows in it.


I added black to the border of it.


I added my signature to it not the usual I do with my signature, just for fun. heh


This is the finished product. It was fun painting again using acrylic paint. My final verdict is the textile medium works perfectly. The paint didn't fade after washing it. Now I can breath now I don't need to buy textile paint. I'll just use this paint converter medium so I can save money and resources too.

Thank You for stopping by :)





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