A Sick Nation 2


Indonesia is facing a situation where pride in the group becomes excessive. Differences of opinion are considered as an attack on other groups.

The hidden hatred will become a potential horizontal conflict. Conflicts on a small scale have occurred in various regions in Indonesia. Minor problems that cause fights between mass organizations can still be muted at this time. However, in the future, if the accumulation of hatred has peaked, a bigger conflict is inevitable.

In the last month of November 2021, there have been several mass fights between youth organizations. There were several people who died or were injured as a result of beatings or stabs from sharp weapons.

The security forces seemed powerless to prevent mass fights. Youth organizations most often have physical conflicts with other organizations. A youth organization has thousands, or even millions, of members. The pride of their group causes the organization to often fight with one another.

In addition to youth organizations, there are groups that always heat up the situation and stir up hatred. They are two major religious groups. One side is a group that promotes tolerance while the other side is a conservative religious group.

These two major groups are central to Indonesian society's unity or division.When these two large groups have broken up and have had physical conflict, civil war will occur in Indonesia. Currently, social media is filled with hate speech between the two religious groups. This group is not officially affiliated with religious organizations but the split occurs in perspective.

People who carry the issue of tolerance and people who are religiously conservative are two large groups of people who live side by side. On the surface, these two groups appear calm, but on social media there is a great hatred that one day will turn into a big conflict.

Clash in Tangerang

A nation is sick when such great hatred is allowed and several figures who claim to be educated speak and add to the hatred of both groups. Personally, I feel that there is a great power to pit the Indonesian people against each other. Is there any interest behind the destruction of public relations that have been good for decades?

Fight in Jakarta

The authorities and politicians are more focused on how they can maintain power and take as much wealth as possible. Political figures prefer to present themselves in the media, television, and social media to seek political support from the people. They do not think about how to make Indonesia achieve prosperity, but how they can get positions in the next elections.

Actually, I'm ashamed, but this is the reality that happens in a country with thousands of islands and millions of hectares of sea and forest. This country is rich in natural resources, but floods due to deforestation were not boosted by the public media. Television and the mass media prefer to report on the visits of state officers or politicians to trivial places such as rice fields, toilets, and toll roads.
They expect praise from the visit as if they were working for the people. In fact, there are politicians and officers who did business during the Covid crisis. They use their authority to launch a business in order to make a big profit.

Mass fights between two youth organization in Karawang West Java

A sick nation, when people find out about the bad behavior of the politicians, they still re-elect the the politicians. It's stupid, but that's the truth.