ETHPoW - The Fork OF ETH2


A group of anonymous developers gathered the power and did a hard fork of Ethereum after the merge. The merge leaves centralization issues because more than 60% of the nodes are owned by Amazon and Hetzner.
The developers did not join the merge but remained at the Proof of Work nodes. There are 30 big exchanges listing ETHPoW. The price of ETHPoW is at the rate of $6. The trading volume is $191,344,138. That is amazing. A new coin with high volume.
The centralization issues will make some ETH2.0 users move to ETHPoW. The green energy topic that Vitalik and his partners bring to ETH users has little impact on the ETH2.0 market reaction.On the other hand, the price of ETH2.0 seems to be lower.
ETHPoW will be the first competitor to Vitalik ETH. In the cryptocurrency world, centralization is something taboo. Most cryptocurrency users will find a coin that is censorship resistant. The domination of large corporations that own ETH2.0 nodes is a threat to freedom.
ETHPow has launched the official website at but the website content is still limited.

Holders of ether were granted ETHPoW when the fork happened. As a result, the Grayscale Ethereum Trust now holds more than 3 million ETHPoW tokens, and the Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund holds 40,000, according to a press release

ETH holders will get free money in the form of ETHPoW available on various exchanges. Although there is no official developer who has backed up ETHPoW, its presence among millions of users is the main attraction. ETHPoW developers will not waste the opportunity of free marketing.
The official website has been launched, although there are still many pages that have not been filled. In the near future, the development of the ETHPoW project will continue. Proof of Work consensus is still the dream of crypto users and developers.