Rising fuel causes cost of living to increase while income does not increase

I do not want to pretend to be happy with the rise in fuel prices in Indonesia. The fuel price rose around 30%. My daily spending increased by around 30% too. That is bad situation for me with three children. My daily fuel expenditure has skyrocketed. I usually spend IDR 10,000 for three days to buy fuel for my motorcycle. Today, 10,000 is for 2 days. If in the past, today I have to spend IDR 150,000 on fuel. My spending on fuel consumption increased 50%.

A gallon of water was IDR 4,000 but today it is IDR 5,000. My family uses up 1 gallon every two days. I had to spend IDR 60,000 in the past, but today I have to spend IDR 75,000.
The rise in prices is not only in fuel and water but also in other consumer products like soap, shampoo, and others. My wife's daily spending increased by around 20% too.

There is an issue that the government plans to increase the electricity bill too, but I hope it is just an issue.
That is the real situation in Indonesia. The social security from the government does not reach the majority of the people who need it. I do not like the policy of fuel prices rising. An economist, Rizal Ramli, said that the government still has a chance to get funds by suspending the fast train project, and the development of a new Indonesian capital city in Kalimantan. In fact, the government never listens to the advice of economists who are in the opposition.

I do not want to pretend to be happy with the government's policy. Students went on the streets to protest the fuel price. I think they should do that till they can force the government to cancel the policy. In fact, the protests do not change anything about the policy.

Indonesia is a country with fossil oil reserves but still imports refined oil from other countries. That is a sad story for my country, where people should pay a high price for fuel.

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