PHOTOBLOG: Flowers at the Park



These were just some of the flowers that I took photos of during one of my morning walks. I don't have any subject that I can think of that time so I decided to take photos of the flowers in the park that I often see. It's good that lots are in bloom. They are rejoicing and welcome the rain. When I saw these flowers, it made me realize that the rain that I get to complain about almost every day is needed by these beauties. Without them, our world will be dull and boring. No natural decorations that brighten our day.

It rained the night before so everything is wet. That's why these flowers look like they just had a morning shower. This also made me realize that when you think flowers have no more beauty to give, to be decorated with these droplets bring more wonder to them. Rain or shine these flowers hold so much beauty in them.

Most of the rose photos that are here are just some of the remnants that one can see at the rose garden. It seems the roses there don't bloom together anymore other than the first time when hundreds have been planted and yet thousands have bloomed. I look forward to that time again.

I was photographing one of the flowers near the lake when one of the tourists picked one and crushed it with his fingers and had the audacity to say that the flowers were fake! Poor real flowers. I felt all the flowers just wilted. They were just blooming in their innocence and natural beauty. I don't know if he was joking or not. He was with his family that time and I was just shaking my head at what kind of example was he showing his children. At the same time I pity him for he cannot differentiate what's real or not. Could it be that fake flowers was all he knew? Can't we not just appreciate flowers without having to harm them? If we cannot appreciate a flower, then we cannot appreciate nature.

Anyway, not to ruin my day, I left them else I would have said something bad. It's still early in the morning and people like that should not affect us.

There's #alwaysaflower story out there. What's yours? Come and join @dswigle and tell us about flowers in your garden, at the park, etc.

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