~ Decorating our city ~


Greetings pupil.

There is a very common way of expressing love towards our city, that is what many belief; by decorating our city. We do not think that cleaning or building public toilet can make our city beautiful but we think decorating it with lights makes it beautiful.

The aspect of beauty is not clear or should we say it is subjective to the appearance. Anything that is decorated is taken to be beautiful. Anything that is shining and colorful is beautiful. Anything that is bright is beautiful. Such aspect of beauty is a very old concept of beauty, which I think as time passed this concept of it should also modernize.

Although I am emphasizing it to modernize but in no means am I implying that the old definitions will no more be used. We all know that the outer beauty will always be the first that is noticed by anyone, and we also know that many people strongly believe in this aspect of beauty. It is only natural to notice something that is obvious to the eye. As dark colors are bright in the day light, light colors are bright under the moonlight. It is simple science.

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KAROLINA GRABOWSKA from kaboompics

Making monuments, designing and structuring buildings and landscapes are also ways to make the city look beautiful but during festivals who would paint the entire city with colors? None. Instead, temporary means are utilized. I may sound someone who is opposing the idea of decorating the city, but that is not the case.

When the city blooms with lights, multicolored lights, who does not like the view? When you see bushes and trees, all are colorful like the Christmas trees, who does not like the view? I like the beauty of paper works and lights, when the alley is purely decorated from top, making a pathway design, under which if you stand, you will feel enlightened automatically, I like those feelings. I like how flowers play a major role when it comes to small decorations to big decorations, even on the streets. It looks beautiful.

With lights on, the city looks alive. Although electricity is wasted a bit more than necessary but in a city where crime rate is high, it is not wise to keep it dim, at least not the streets. Do we realize that we can also keep the street pretty by not littering it? We can keep the waters clean that way too. We can plant more trees on the AISLES in the middle of two routes. Even by doing these things we can keep our city clean and it will look beautiful. We can do this occasionally or we can do it periodically if not daily. We have the scope but maybe we are not giving it a priority.

This is our city, so it is our responsibility. Once we start taking our responsibilities, life will start to become simple and beautiful again. If you cannot see the beauty, you cannot expect that someone else will, it is our own sense of beauty that will define our city ultimately. Decorating our city can be a beautiful task but it is our task. So let us make our city and our surroundings beautiful, beautiful not with the sense of artificial beauty but also with the sense of natural beauty.

~The End~

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Assalamualaikum, may peace be upon you.


Wow! This is indeed beautiful I must say. We all know cleanliness is next to Godliness, this means that the beauty and neatness of our city should be a priority.

Walaykum salam warahmotullah wabarokatuhu (And upon you be peace)