Is HBD a Scam? Addressing the Recent Conversation Around HBD & Why It Will Bring the Next Gen Hiver

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Step into the financial world with Mitch and Khal as we delve into the intriguing idea of paying taxes & investing the money elsewhere. In this video, we discuss Cat's recent experience of sending money to the government for taxes and the thought process behind potentially putting those funds to work in other outlets.

Discover the potential of using wrapped Bitcoin loans to generate yield or returns, and why HBD savings have become a favorite investment, yielding an impressive 20% return. We address the controversy around HBD, including tweets branding it a Ponzi scheme and articles written in its defense.

We compare the mechanics of HBD to Luna and UST, highlighting key differences that prevent a death spiral (i.e. the haircut rule). Understand the necessity for slow and controlled adoption of HBD to prevent a sudden demand surge. Learn about safety mechanisms like the haircut rule that are in place to maintain the market cap/debt of HBD.

Watch as we project a positive long-term growth for HBD, given a healthy economy, low debt, and good circular momentum. Don't miss this insightful exploration – watch now!

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