LEO AMA! | New All-Time High for Monthly Active Users and Hive Zealy Campaign Begins Next Monday

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Hey Lions! We've got some exciting updates to share with you. First off, we've shattered our MAUs record, boasting 1,348 Lions as of August! 🦁

For those eager to test upcoming features, make sure to use labs.leofinance.io. Yes, you'll encounter bugs, but you'll also get to test the alpha version of what's coming next. If you want the more polished version (stable), use the normal production UI at https://leofinance.io. Speaking of what's next, all our marketing plans are out in the open, and a deep dive into our social media strategy is on the horizon.

We faced a minor setback over the weekend when our Leo proposal fell short by 1M HivePower. But guess what? Lions together are strong! Within 12 hours, we rallied and not only got funded but are now 750k above the threshold. Your continued support is crucial!

If you're an active Twitter/X user looking to grow your brand while helping Leo, reach out to anomad—something big is in the works. In other news, Cat and Khal will be representing Hive and Leo in Vegas next week. 🎲

As for our marketing, strap in. Expect a godzilla-sized boom in our marketing efforts in the second half of this month. The plans are released and now we are gearing up to kickoff the campaign. Get ready to see a lot of new faces get onboarded to Hive through the LEO UI.

We need your help in creating a welcoming and engaging environment on Threads and Posts to give these new users a reason to stay and ultimately take our Hive Onboarding course to onboard them into other Hive apps.

Want to Help Us Double the Userbase of Hive?

Our DHF Proposal is aimed at driving new users to the Hive blockchain through a new onboarding funnel that we've built. Hive Lite Accounts allow these users to instanteously sign up to Hive. Then our UI guides them through creating Threads, Posts, Comments and giving out Upvotes. After a bit of time, the UI begins prompting them to take a course that we built and learn more about Hive. From there, users are driven to download their private keys (becoming a full, self-custodying Hiver). Afterwards, we send them to other Hive dApps where they can learn more and get deeply involved around Hive.

Our mission is to onboard 9,615+ new Hive Monthly Active Social Users. If you want to support us, please consider voting using the links below. If you want to learn more about the plans, the following reference links will take you to various aspects of the plan.


Learn More:

1- Proposal to Double the Hive Userbase
2- Overview of our Marketing Strategy
3- Traditional Marketing Plan
4- Collaboration Marketing Plan
5- Guerilla Marketing
6- Adoption Campaigns | Engaging, Retaining and Educating Thousands of Newly Onboarded Users
7- Influencer Marketing

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Wow Wow, Wow, 1,348 MAU's, now that's some great news. Hitting 1,500 MAU's in September.

Moar coming.
Kudos to the team.


everybody that want the best for Leo should be active during the campaign to welcome the member and make them feel at home.

The future looks brighter than ever