Community Pages: The Future of Content Organization on Hive

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LeoFinance Community Pages stems from a major idea we have. Right now, you can see a few Community Pages by hovering over the "Communities" tab on LeoFinance.

Probably one of the best examples to view is the Splinterlands Community Page -

It is by far the most active CommPage to-date. What you see on our current UI is the early alpha stage of these CommPages. We believe they'll become one of the centerpiece features of LeoFinance with our new UI and going forward as our platform expands to 5,000 Monthly Active Users and beyond.

Community Pages offer a way to segment and organize content.

If you view that Splinterlands page, you'll notice some interesting things. To start, there is a live price feed of the SPS token and some relevant links in case you're new to the Splinterlands Project.

From there, you'll see a curated feed of content. You'll notice that there isn't a ton of content there. There's a huge quality filter that goes into Community Pages.

This allows moderators to choose what shows there and what doesn't. Using our in-house algorithm for "Curator's Picks", we have moderation in these community pages where only the moderators choose what content shows and it uses an algo that tracks their vote % weight as well as when they cast their vote.

This current version of Community Pages is the stepping stone to something much bigger. We're on our way to developing something far greater than this in the new UI. We learned a lot about our technology and developing this was a necessary step before we could build the real version of CommPages that we always wanted to build.

In this clip, we talk about the future of CommPages and all the amazing things we have lined up!

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Community pages will definitely create a good motivation for users to stay put and navigate the community. And of course, the user's experience will be tailored towards their needs. Bravo to the team.!!!!


Communities will be a huge incentive at some stage but i would say that the plan for them is wrong as it stands.

One of the reasons that splinterlands is the most popular communities outside of the fact that it's a hive based app is that it has an active community.

Games have communities where as most blockchains don't.

I wouldn't say that BNB has a community. It has project which might have communities.

Games have communities. Hobbies, interests, sports. The technology itself doesn't have communities but what is built with that technology can. Hive being the obvious exception.

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Nice one from the team and making sure the community page becomes more productive is definitely a bigger step ahead once more

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