CUB is 60% of the Way to Deflationary | How We've Leveraged Hive to Build a Sustainable, Reliable an

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We've deployed a radical shift on CUB toward bHIVE and bHBD. Economically speaking, we believe we've finally found a model for sustainable, reliable and growing yield in the DeFi industry. While most other platforms are scrambling and constantly dying off, we see CUB marking turning point after turning point.

Last month, over $9,000 in revenue was generated by the CUB DAO. This revenue is 100% autonomously used to buyback and burn CUB. You can see the total CUB Burned amount crossing 2M just in the past few days.

This is a total shift from what was taking place before. CUB was not generating revenue. It was paying out massive LP Incentives to anyone who pooled capital on the platform but it had no real way to capitalize on that pooled capital.

... then enters bHBD and bHIVE.

With bHBD and bHIVE, we've found a way for CUB DAO to generate massive revenue and still pay out massive LP Incentives to anyone who pools HIVE and HBD on the platform. We're only a few months in, and CUB DAO is already generating over $9k per month.

Why is this $9k number significant? It doesn't sound like much, right?

Wrong! It's actually over 60% of monthly inflation. What that means is that CUB DAO paid out around $15k in LP Incentives last month but it generated $9k in revenue that bought back and burned CUB.

That means that the debt deficit last month was only 40%. That gap continues to close each month. The month prior, the gap was over 50%. The month before that, it was over 60% gap.

This gap continues to close and once the gap hits 0, that means CUB is deflationary. For example, $15k paid out in LP Incentives and $15k generated in CUB DAO revenue from wrapping revenue, staking revenue and arbitrage revenue.

That means that every single CUB paid out to LPs is bought back and burned on the open market. Deflationary CUB is right around the corner. Our focus is entirely on growing this revenue and building more liquidity for the CUB Protocol.

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Now that we have the sings of a bull market, why not compound the positive price action by expanding CUB to new blockchains. Koinos does not have an EVM (yet). The project is one of the best I have seen coming from some of the best developers I have seen. It would be amazing to see LEO/CUB get involved with Koinos for DeFi in future. Koinos Group does offer free consultations if needed. Best of Luck!

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It appears that the LeoFinance team has been successful in implementing a new model that utilizes bHIVE and bHBD to generate revenue for the CUB DAO, which in turn is used to buy back and burn CUB tokens. The fact that this approach has led to a closing gap between the debt deficit and revenue generated is encouraging. I am looking forward to seeing how this strategy continues to evolve and the impact it will have on the CUB token in the future.