Recapping the Breathe! Conference and Gearing Up for HiveFest 2023

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In this clip from yesterday's AMA, Mitch & I recap the Breathe! conference in Vegas that we just got back from. We made tons of connections and got to hang out with a few other Hive dApps.

The Hive booth, adorned with eye-catching artwork and featuring innovative applications, left a lasting impression on attendees, further solidifying Hive's position in the blockchain space.

One major piece of feedback we noticed was that people were blown away by Hive.

They were not only surprised that they'd never heard of Hive, but also surprised at how much was built on Hive.

With a booth setup like the one at Breathe, we were well positioned to show them. Some of the top dApps were there and each had a section in the Hive booth. This brought a life-like visualization of what Hive is like to the real-world.

We also talk about HiveFest and how we think it'll be different but great in its own way as a means to bringing Hivers together as opposed to marketing Hive to the outside like the last conference. It's a nice contrast!

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