How Threads is Creating Market Demand for HIVE POWER

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Our goal is to build The Everything App on Web3. Hive is by far and away the superior blockchain to build an application of this magnitude.

We need fast, fee-less and easy transacting. These capabilities on Hive - especially at a social level - are unmatched.

Threads is the future of engagement on a social layer for the Hive ecosystem. The infrastructure we've spent so much time and resources building is really coming together.

Yesterday, we launched Polls. Decentralized Polling directly on The amazing thing about Polls is that anytime a user votes, a custom json is posted to the Hive blockchain.

This means that the on-chain demand for Resource Credits will go up as Threads scales. Look at how Splinterlands has created a massive market demand for HIVE POWER by posting millions of CUSTOM JSONs on a regular basis.

This is our aim with Threads. Gain critical mass adoption and Threads could create massive demand for HIVE POWER to have the necessary amount of RCs to deploy millions of Transactions to the Hive blockchain on a daily basis.

As someone who holds millions of HIVE, I love to see this. My goal is to build what I can to make this a reality and also see other apps like Splinterlands gain adoption and create a massive need for RC.

In this clip, we also talk about bots and the cool thing about RCs. Twitter is charging $8/mo to combat the Bot problem... Hive solves this by having RCs which require bots to hold HIVE POWER if they want to interact on-chain.

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This is a very nice move in making the Web3 works like magic, thank for all the effort to help the community.


I hope like hell Leo Threads doesn't become like TikTok. We don't need more dumb people. We need to lift people up, not encourage them to beat themselves down.