A very cultural, gastronomic and religious weekend in Margarita Island.

Starting August 1st, the festivities in honor of the Virgin of Our Lady of the Assumption, Patroness of Margarita, begin. For 15 days the city is the stage to present daily different religious and cultural activities, regional musical groups, filling its spaces with arts, colors and music, but it was not until Sunday 14th that I was able to go since these activities started in the morning.

This Sunday there were galerones, retretas, dances, a solemn session with the deputies and city manager in an amphitheater near the church, also sales of handicrafts, gastronomic culture, there was an outdoor drawing contest, in which my daughter participated; the truth is that the whole day was very crowded and that these activities had 2 years that were suspended due to the pandemic.


Toasts, music, dances, happiness

Drawing and painting contest "in situ" in honor of the Virgin of the Assumption

Exhibition of entrepreneurs and sales of typical handicrafts.

I came across this great loom, where they weave hammocks.

Woven handbags and wallets, ideal for your beach outfits


I loved the display at this booth, they had this beautiful machine and some beautiful relics full of memories.


These beautiful rag dolls stole all the attention, they were beauties.

I say goodbye with this phrase: "Margarita is more than beaches ".


  • All photographs presented here are my property, taken with my Blu C5 2019 phone.
  • My native language is Spanish, I made the translation with the help of Deepl.com.