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◆ Introduction

  1. Bifost ecosystem foundation

Bifrost is the Universal Multichain Middleware to turn the promise of blockchains into reality

◆ With Bifrost, you don’t have to sacrifice anything. Cherry-pick blockchain protocols, customize the network, and change any time as needed.With Bifrost, developers can write smart contracts for multiple blockchain protocols in a unified environment. They simply select target blockchain for each part of the code, then Bifrost will transpile, compile, and deploy the code into the target blockchains at once. Developers can also easily operate their DApps and even switch the target blockchain as new and better protocols become available. This multichain technology enables DApps to be faster and cheaper, while being more transparent and flexible. In a trial, a DApp demonstrated a speed of 3,000 TPS and 75% less gas fees.

• Flexibility

To maximize the potential of the blockchain technology, a superior flexibility that allows users to select and combine blockchains is needed. Bifrost focuses on this flexibility. enabling developers to extract the most from blockchains.

• Scalability

Bifrost operates with multiple blockchains without any additional abstraction layers, so you can use the features of each blockchain directly. Its flexibility enables you to apply different blockchains best suited to your needs.

◆ Interoperability

The value of interoperable blockchain service grows as the blockchain industry grows. On Bifrost, you can build services with countless possibilities for combinations and interoperablility from the start.

◆ Full Dev Suite

Bifrost provides a full suite of features to develop and operate your product, including an IDE, monitoring function, and client service such as wallets.
→ Currently, the Bifrost Team is developing its own multichain DeFi service built on Bifrost: BİFİ BİFİ is scheduled to be released in beta in Ql of 2021. While the Bifrost platform is fully operational, we have not made it available for the public for this reason. However, you can take a peek at our Github, read our White Paper, or explore this page to learn more.
•White Paper


Developers can perform the entire process from development to deployment and operation - on the Bifrost platform. Developers simply need to select target blockchains for each of their service, then the Bifrost platform manages all the complicated process under the hood.


Developers can perform the entire process from development to deployment and operation - on the Bifrost platform. Developers simply need to select target blockchains for each of their service, then the Bifrost platform manages all the complicated process under the hood.
Bifrost recipe system transpiles, compiles, and deploys the program directly to target blockchains simultaneously. If necessary, the Bifrost platform separately generates smart- contract components for each blockchain.


After the Bifrost App (or a Smart Contract) has been created and deployed, Bifrost Linker supports its operation. With it, apps that run as a multichain service can be used like a single integrated service. Of course, if you don’t use Bifrost’s features, Bifrost Apps can be separated from the Bifrost Linker and be used as a standalone service. In any case, Bifrost Linker provides an improved user interface for Bifrost Apps.

To be able to see detailed news at


The first multichain DeFi powered by Bifrost
In 2016 , three experts in finance , technology , and network security got together to turn the promise of blockchains into reality .
In 2018 , we created Bifrost , the multichain platform that unlocked the true potential of blockchains - enabling services to run on multiple blockchains faster , cheaper , more flexible and transparent .
Today , we are creating the future of decentralized finance , with the power of Bifrost . We plan to connect and expand the entire DeFi and cryptocurrency ecosystem - and create new financial opportunities that the world has never seen before .

• The Multichain DeFi Platform

BiFi (Bifrost Finance) is the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project powered by the multichain technology of Bifrost Bifrost enables BiFi to be more scalable and transparent than other DeFi services BiFi will connect directly to Bitcoin and other blockchain networks, expanding the DeFi ecosystem currently limited to Ethereum We offer lending and borrowing for ETH, USDT and eventually BTC, and will later support more advanced derivative investment products.

Currently existing DeFi services are limited to the Ethereum ecosystem. If you want to use digital assets of different blockchain networks, today’s DeFi can only use wrapped tokens (an ERC - 20 token pegged to the non - ERC - 20 asset) Your only option to invest in digital assets beyond the Ethereum network is in Cefi Centralized Finance services like the traditional exchanges that come with their own limits and vulnerabilities. On the other hand, BiFi can support digital assets of different blockchains without wrapping any tokens with Bifrost’s multichain technology This reduces the inconvenience and unreliability of wrapped tokens. Also, DeFi services mirumize the issues that frequently occur in Cefi exchanges in other words, BiFi is the multichain DeFi that will expand the Defi ecosystem beyond the Ethereum ecosystem

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  1. Difference between EXP and Points.

When you participate in a group, you receive EXP (Experience) and Points. EXP indicates your overall activity in that particular group and you can show off your status when you reach the top 10 ranking. Points are created to be converted into BFC-K. EXP is calculated separately for each group where BFC Bot is, and Points are calculated together across all the groups you're in.

  1. Conversion rate for Score.

Every month, Points are converted into tokens set by the Bifrost Team. The conversion ratio is set logarithmically, so users with higher points get lesser conversion and those with lower points get more conversion. Essentially, the ratio is set to discourage excessive mining activity. BFC Bot is designed to make it easier for you to learn about Bifrost and BiFi and for our community

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