Crypto Market Sentiment & Bitcoin Price Update - Oct 7th 2021 (Fear & Greed Index)

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The Crypto Fear & Greed Index measures the overall emotions and sentiment of the crypto market at the point in time.

  • Extreme Fear indicates investors are being too worried and may signal a good buying opportunity.
  • Greed signals market is overextending and may be due for a correction soon.


fear  greed 10.7.png

The latest index showed an optimistic sight of the overall crypto market. Bitcoin market even jump up another 2000 points after US SEC Chair Gensler said that the ban on crypto will be up to congress. Personally, I think US banks have got the taste of crypto's potential to call on a total ban on it.

Bitcoin Price Update


The 2000 points rally has pushed the Bitcoin price to 54k which has broken the resistance of 51k. Another signal for the price to push up to the next resistance of 58k. Prepare to the moon !!


As always, usual advice on the crypto market

  • Not financial advice
  • Do your own research
  • Never invest in the amount you're not willing to lose

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