Modern and Wild Format


These days Splinterlands game has introduced many changes and recent one was two battle format Modern & Wild. Wild format is an old format in which all playable cards are included. Modern format is a new format that has been introduced for new players and includes only new cards in it.

Splinterlands Rule.jpg

If you ask me, I like the Wild Format as I have been playing this for years and I have built a decent amount of cards and have upgraded them. If you check my states, I have played more than 10 Thousand battles and my win ratio is also good. As after a lot of defeats I learnt and tried to build cards decks. As modern format only includes new cards so my learning process is going on. I am tring to buy these new cards and upgrade them to get maximum result. Hope in few weeks my win ratio will improve in modern format also.


Showing some examples of how did I defeat stronger enemies with ordinary card deck.

wild 3.jpg

wild 1.jpg

wild 2.jpg

In modern format how can only one card defeat you. Splinterlands new cards with multiple abiliteies are very hard to defeat. Hope I will get some cards in reward chests. In market it is very hard to buy as they are very expensive.


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Splinterlands Guild "Scorpions"
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