"Scorpions" New Guild on Splinterland

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I have been playing Splinterlands since 2019. In past I always tried to complete my daily 5 battle task. I was never intrested in Events and Guilds but recently Splinterlands has changed a lot of rules in game. So now if you spend more time you will get good prizes. So I decided that if I am spending that much time on game then why not I should explore other aspects of game too. So I created my first guild on Splinterland with the name of "Scorpion", as my Horoscope star is Scorpio.

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I spent 10,000 Dec to create a guild and also spent 50,000 Dec to upgrade my buildings. I upgraded Hall to level 1, Arena to Level 1 and Store to Level 2. To upgrade store to level 2 I also require 40 Crowns. So, I am waiting for my first brawl, to gather crowns.

Anyone can Join this Scorpion Gang but you must be an active player. We together can climb up the ladder as on Splinterlands, guild success depends on a team work.

Join My Splinterlands Guild "Scorpions"

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Join My Splinterlands Guild "Scorpions"
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