Splinterlands, End Season Rewards

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Splinterlands is an amazing play2earn game on Hive blockchain. After upgrade new focus point reward sysytem is great and if you play Splinterlands regularly you can earn some great prizes. End season rewards are also increased and this season I got 55 loot chests in rewards and my league is Gold 1.

Reward 1.jpg

In these loot chests I got 25 cards as a reward and 5 of them were Rare cards. I also got one Epic card DJINN RENOVA - EPIC Life Unit. In my end season reward loot chests I also got 3 Chaos Legion packs. I also got 5736 Dec Token and 10 legendary & 2 gold potions. Overall End season rewards value is 10.755 $.

My today's Quest Reward cards are ...

Reward 2.jpg



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