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As you may already know, a great censorship-free blockchain platform has emerged. The perfect replacement for Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. It’s called Bastyon…

There you can find everything that is under the censorship of globalist techno-corporations. A Bastyon member under the nickname ElectroPig has amassed an impressive collection of videos documenting climate fraud. Unfortunately, almost everyone is on YouTube. I’ll post all the links he sent me, and you try to download the ones you can before the censors do their thing:

Као што можда већ знате, појавила се одлична блокчеин платформа на којој нема цензуре. Савршена замена за Твитер, ЈуТјуб, Фејсбук и Инстаграм. Зове се Бастион…

Ту можете наћи све оно што је под цензуром глобалистичких техно-корпорација. Члан Бастиона под надимком ElectroPig сакупио је импресивну збирку видео записа који документују климатску превару. Нажалост, готово сви су на ЈуТјубу. Поставићу све линкове које ми је послао, а ви пробајте да преузмете оне које можете пре него што цензура одради своје:

The proportion of CO2 has not changed since 1890! This value cannot change at all because the Earth is still the same.


Year 1906. Година

The Probable Cause of Climate Fluctuations by Svante Arrhenius (PDF)

Year 1909. Година

Repeatability of Professor Robert W. Wood’s 1909 experiment on the Hypothesis of the Greenhouse Effect (By Nasif S. Nahle*)(PDF)

The greenhouse effect is a blatant lie!

Source / Извор: RedFish & Corporate Governance Institute

Year 2009. Година

Lord Monckton debates with Greenpeace activist 2009

Year 2010. Година

Remembering When Enron Saved the U.S. Wind Industry (January 1997)

Year 2011. Година

The Late Late Show - Jim Corr & Lord Christopher Monckton

Year 2013. Година

97 Articles Refuting The “97% Consensus”

The U.N.'s Global Warming War On Capitalism: An Important History Lesson

Climate Change Reconsidered: Science the U.N. Will Exclude from Its Next Climate Report

Year 2014. Година

120 years of climate scares

Freeman Dyson: A Global Warming Heretic

Chistopher Monckton Keynote - ICCC9 July 9, 2014

Global Warming Propaganda Explained - 2014 NIPCC Convention

Source / Извор: RedFish & Corporate Governance Institute

Year 2015. Година


World In Midst of Carbon Drought (w/ Prof. William Happer, Princeton University)

Carbon Dioxide is Making The World Greener (w/ Freeman Dyson)

Nobel Laureate Smashes the Global Warming Hoax

Nobel Laureate in Physics; "Global Warming is Pseudoscience"

Global Warming is a Hoax

Year 2016. Година

Prof. Bill Grey - Why Climate Models are Wrong

Dr Tim Ball - Human Caused Global Warming - The Biggest Scam In History

Why Has Global Warming Paused? - William Happer

Source / Извор: RedFish & Corporate Governance Institute

Year 2017. Година

Does Greta Thunberg know about The Milankovitch Cycles and their effect on Climate Change?


Solar Variability and Climate - Joanna D. Haigh

Breakfast Keynote, ICCC-12

Neil deGrasse Tyson Bombs Out on Climate Science


The Economics Behind Windmills

Climate of Genocide

Year 2019. Година

No Evidence for Climate Change (PDF)

Patrick Moore - The Power of Truth

Climate Science: No "Greenhouse Effect"

No "Extra Warming" to Explain

No "Greenhouse Effect" on Venus Either

Ice CO2 Record "Probably Wrong" Too

IPCC Forcing Estimates Wrong

Cherry Picking Season Arrives In Greenland

Erasing America’s Hot Past

Lord Christopher Monckton, ICCC13 (Afternoon Keynote Address)

How Homogenization Destroys Climate Science

The Climate Prophets Have Spoken!

Ocean Stupidification

How the sun affects temperatures on Earth (w/ Valentina Zharkova, Northumbria University)

Is man made climate change a myth?

Balloons in the Air: Understanding weather and climate

Conversation UPDATE: William Happer

Martin Armstrong On Pole Shifts & Climate Change

$10,000 Prize To The First Person To Provide Evidence Of CO2 Causing Catastrophic Global Warming

Year 2020. Година

On the Apparent Relationship Between Total Solar Irradiance & Atmospheric Temperature at 1 Bar on Three Terrestrial-type Bodies

Year 2021. Година

Climate Science 6; CO2, CH4 "Do not cause measurable warming" Podcast by Dr Holmes

Climate ‘Science’ Destroyed In 8 Minutes

The whole fraudulent story about climate change is just another desperate attempt for the globalist ‘elite’ to maintain colonial control over the so-called ‘Third World countries’ and extend the plunder as long as possible. As could already be seen from the example of the Coronavirus Hoax, mass and genocidal crimes are not a problem for them, they will reach for them as soon as there are no other means of manipulation left, such as for example the abuse of autistic children:

Читава преварантска прича око климатских промена само је још један очајнички покушај глобалистичке ‘елите’ да задржи колонијалну контролу над државама тзв. ‘трећег света’ и продужи пљачку што је дуже могуће. Као што се већ могло видети из примера коронапреваре, масовни и геноцидни злочини им не представљају проблем, посегнуће за њима чим не остане других средстава манипулације, као што је на пример злоупотреба аутистичне деце:

Greta / Грета

Greta Thunberg sings Swedish Death Metal

Fatboy Slim & Greta Thunberg - Right Here, Right Now (Full Extended HQ)

Right Here, Right Now Fatboy Slim Greta Thunberg Edition Liverpool

GRETA Thunberg sings BLACK DEATH metal - HOW DARE YOU meme

Climate Change Dance Remix

Climate Change Dance Remix (Extended) *

Hello Greta My Old Friend

Mein Climate Change

Greta Thunberg Jr.

Greta Thunberg - HOW DARE YOU - short version

Source / Извор: RedFish & Corporate Governance Institute

One more time big thanks to ElectroPig, and if you’ve watched all of Greta, you will need an antidote:

Још једном велико хвала ElectroPig-у, а ако сте одгледали све од Грете, требаће вам противотров:

Frank Zappa - Apostrophe (’) - Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow Suite

Always remember Julian Assange was the first to expose global criminals
Не заборавите да је Џулијан Асанж први разоткрио глобалнe злочинце

* * *

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A few years ago a dear friend of mine made the claim that AGW was a hoax. As a good environmentalist, I was sure he was wrong, and said so, but did agree to have a look at actual data. My jaw almost fell off when I did, because he was right. Lord Monckton has impeccable credentials and an authoritative grasp of the science, and was formative to my present understanding of actual climate.

I urge everyone to do as I did and actually read papers - and not only those promoted by propagandists. It is absolutely imperative to assign credence to those that have not misled us, and to remove it from those that have, and no one that is likely to read these words is likely to fail to note that all corporate media have provably lied, as have all governments. Christopher Monckton has not lied even once, to my knowledge. I strongly urge folks intent on knowing the actual truth have a look at his published works, check his data, and do the same with the IPCC, Tony Heller, and folks like Michael Mann, of the infamous 'hockey stick' chart.

If you can't be certain of your understanding of the actual scientific data, at least trust people that have not been proven to be liars. It's just a good policy to discount known liars.

@lighteye, you have similarly been formative of my understanding as the friend that enabled me to understand the AGW hoax, and I am glad to know you also understand what is happening.



Greta is a tad much, why mock an ignorant adolescent? Other than that, excellent work as usual!


It's all about control over the masses. The masses believe anything. We saw how easy it was with Covid19. Climate lockdowns next. Clownworld.