Return to Dark Age.

It's week one hundred and ten [WE110] of #weekend-engagement and the this entry is made in response to the question below.

Imagine there was no electricity anywhere in the world from right this moment. What would your life look like, how would you handle it and what negatives, problems, or benefits, do you think you’d encounter? Would it be good or bad?

Electricity is one on the invention of human that makes living worthwhile. The coming of electricity redefined the technological advancements of the whole world. From domestic uses to industrial uses, the importance of electricity can't be expressed in writing - it's too numerous.


Living without it may be weird but oooooh, I remember I once stayed in a small village while growing up without electricity. I'll try and answer this question with the help of my experience those days.

I was born about three decades ago in a village where I wasn't privileged to make us of electricity. Virtually everything I use electricity for today had an alternative or wasn't in my activities then. We had no light from electricity that wasn't available and in the alternative, we light our homes with what we called "ogudube", a byproduct of palm oil processing. My father had a local pressing iron that was fueled by burning charcoal to iron out clothes. We used firewood to cook. We had no electronics that require electricity. All other tasks we use electricity for today weren't in existence.

However, life those days was fun.

In life, you don't miss what you are not aware it's in existence.

So, for not knowing the kind of better life electricity could provide then, I was contented and believed that I was living the best of life.

As at present, I have moved away from the life of no electricity for few years to the life with electricity for many years.

Missing a good life you once lived is more painful than missing a good life others are living around you.

This is to say that if there is no electricity in the whole world from this moment, it means that I am living another stage of my childhood life.

It will be more painful this time because I know what electricity is and the kind of luxury attached to it's usage. It won't be easy. In order to cope, I will draw an important confidence in one thing which is the fact that no other person in the world is having access to using it otherwise I would be pressurising myself to relocate to such place to have access to it.

If electricity is off today, I would go back to the traditional alternatives of everything to the best of my ability. I would revive ironing my clothes with charcoal fueled pressing iron. I would illuminate my house with "ogudube". There will be loss of jobs because the social amenity that supports job creation and commerce most is electricity. As a result, I may go back to farming.

It would definitely restructure the whole world and would return us to many decades back. It will affect so many things including transportation, business, migration, education and many more. This will serve as a setback for global advancements of human course but believe me that it will also reduce competition for belonging to the class of the society that have access to these things.

It will reduce social vices such as those attached to being desperate to be rich in order to acquire luxury. If car is not available again to mankind, no one would be desperate in having one. If transportation isn't available whether air, land or sea, looking for money to travel and enjoy holidays will become a thing of the past. Man would be contented with what is available within his immediate environment.

It also poses many threats to human existence. Threats such difficulties in transferring knowledge, services and products. Some ailments may become threat to human again. Education will be affected. Life would be returned to stone age.


Having stated all these, I would remain where I am, engage myself with any accessible job such as farming to feed myself and my family and be happy. It will definitely be an experience more serious than what I had when growing up because I made use of products of electricity coming from somewhere in the world but now the whole world would be without electricity. The greater picture of what I will call a "Return to Dark Age" can only be imagined.

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