My Actifit Report Card: October 26 2020


My son and I played a eighteen hole round of disc golf at the local nine hole course. I ended up with an even score at par for the round. This was pretty good for me and I felt like I was throwing pretty well.

The weather was nice but it was just a little bit on the cold side. Lots of the discs start to get stiff in cold weather and it limits which ones I like to throw just a bit.

I also walked the dog as usual. I was having more troubles than usual with my Blue Tooth headphones so I'm not sure what was going on with that. I even tried turning off the WiFi to see if that was the issue but it did not seem to be.

There was another person walking along with ear buds that seemed to be having issues too. I'm not sure if the devices were conflicting with each other but it seemed like maybe that was the case.

I've been thinking a lot about the potential of DeFi lately. There are certainly a lot of different projects getting started. I think this is a really good thing.

I believe we need to have something that helps replace all of the jobs that are being lost from automation. Having a financial system that works in the favor of everyone would be really nice at times when it is difficult to earn money in more traditional ways.

I really enjoy being able to post on these social networks and earn crypto that could be used in many different ways in the decentralized finance system. There are many interesting things to look into and study about DeFi.

Thanks everyone for your support!
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