6 Underworld Emperors in the One Piece Universe Who Rarely Achieve

Morning online TV lover friends wherever you are, this time I want to share some of the uniqueness of and my discoveries among the skills of One Piece as seen today.

Maybe this is also a story that I just got from a media that I read, but I'm very curious about it and I want to share it with friends today


From the story that I want to share, there is a uniqueness than the underground king who has extraordinary yonko powers, friends, you can see below.

On a par with the Yonko, the 6 Emperors of the Underworld in One Piece actually have terrifying powers.

Even among them are Devil Fruit eaters, to the former Rocks Pirates, even the lover of the legend of the Shirohige pirate.

It is known that in the One Piece universe most of them are in the New World, while the Underworld is the nest of all illegal businesses.

Information regarding the lords of the underworld is almost never revealed in the main story of the manga.

Even so, business in the Underworld often involves many important figures, such as Shichibukai, Yonko, and even the World Nobles (Heavenly Dragons) themselves.

In the Underworld, there are 6 figures known as the Emperors of the Underworld. These are the 6 emperor characters in the Underworld in One Piece.


It was revealed that Roronoa Zoro's terrible power is equivalent to Yonko level.

Even Blackbeard's strength seems to be nothing when compared to Roronoa Zoro's current strength.

Roronoa Zoro is one of the few characters in One Piece who can use all three types of Haki, including the extremely rare Conqueror Haki.

Further proof of his extraordinary abilities, he can use advanced versions of two types of Haki out of three.

Coating his three Graded Swords with his Haki, Roronoa Zoro releases a deadly slash.

Roronoa's Haki arsenal is strong enough to allow her to cut through Kaido's tough dragon scales and allows her sword to parry attacks with the Yonko without breaking.

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