Activities this weekend???

Gotong-royong is one of the characteristics that is still inherent in the life of Indonesian society. Broadly speaking, gotong royong is contained in Pancasila in the third precept which reads Unity of Indonesia.

Gotong royong is ingrained and even becomes the personality of the nation, as well as a culture that is deeply rooted in people's lives. In addition, as part of social life, almost all regions in Indonesia instill the value of gotong royong.

Gotong-royong comes from the word gotong which means work and royong means together.

Benefits and Purpose of Gotong Royong
The benefits and objectives of mutual cooperation carried out by the community include:

Growing a sense and attitude of helping each other, volunteering, helping each other, and having a family nature.

Fostering good social relations with the surrounding community.

Creating a sense of togetherness and fostering a sense of affection.

Strengthening friendship or brotherhood.

Lighten the work and save time in completing a job.

Increasing work productivity.

The creation of a sense of unity and oneness in the surrounding environment.







We carry out this good activity once a month and to start and also prevent floods and other things. Those are some of the portraits that I took, but they weren't perfect because there was a place where I couldn't take this picture, because I also had to take part if I had my Smartphone it would invite other things and thoughts I couldn't share with the residents.