Meet the Mushrooms Among the Remaining Straw Piles


Good afternoon, fun-lover friends wherever you are.

Maybe I haven't been in this community for a long time but I really love this community like other friends but today I have a little trip that I can share are some of the mushroom portraits that I got on the straw that friends can see in my portrait.


Cow tai mushroom can be consumed, but it is not recommended because it triggers hallucinations. This mushroom is even classified as a narcotic whose sale and consumption is considered a crime. Cow tai mushroom has a unique name because it shows where it breeds, namely in cow or buffalo dung. The Latin name for cow tai mushroom is Psilocybin mushrooms or Magic mushrooms.

The psilocybin substance is dangerous because it can trigger hallucinations and cause dependence. The hallucinatory effect is even high level, according to one's psychological situation when consuming it.

Cow tai mushroom users, for example, can't stop laughing because they see the people around them have a unique shape. There are also those who consider themselves to be objects so that they act like the goods they think they are.


Cow tai mushroom is usually dried or eaten raw. Some people even mix cow tai mushrooms into cooking or drinking. In other cases, dealers of cow tai mushroom process this mushroom as a powder to be smoked.

There are many types of mushrooms that are increasingly in demand in the market. Mushrooms are one type of food that is increasingly popular because of its delicacy and nutritional content. Especially now that the business that many people enjoy doing is how to cultivate oyster mushrooms. Fungi will grow via spores or microscopic parts which will be very different from some other plants that can grow via seeds. The spores themselves are so small that they can only be seen using a microscope. The roots of the spore will begin to grow into a culture medium or substrate. This will react with the help of enzymes or a medium as a container for fungal growth.



Use a bucket to break up the old cow dung into small pieces. Add a little water then mix into the manure. Water is used as a dry moisturizer to make it easier to use as a growing medium. Don't get it too wet, squeeze out the water if there's too much water, and add more of the dirt. Try to get the concentration right where there isn't a lot of water and it's not wet. Use trays to place growing media, which can be plastic storage trays, wooden boxes or small pots. The larger the size of the container, of course, the more mushrooms you can accommodate. Try to keep the container at least 3 inches high.



Mushrooms are easier to grow in damp and cool areas. Keep the grow container or box in a cool, moist growing location that has a temperature of about 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.









By doing this you will help optimize the growth of the fungus. This tool will help you in managing the humidity. You should keep the top layer covered with newspaper to keep it moist. Use a sheet as you can always spray the top if it gets dry. Usually farmers will spray 5 to 6 times per day. For about 10 days you have to stay regular in maintaining the humidity. You just need to create misty conditions without overusing water. If the fungus has appeared and started to appear then you can clean it. In order to accelerate growth, then spray twice a day. If the mushrooms have developed and grown to their ideal size, then you can harvest them. Pick the mushrooms and then clean the used dirt from the planting medium. Adjust the size according to market demand. You can of course re-harvest because the mushrooms will continue to grow with their spores.



Great to see mushrooms growing in your area. Over here the weather is still hot for mushroom growth. I could see that your place is very humid. Thanks for sharing.