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The arepa is one of the recipes that characterizes Venezuelans and there are endless ways to make them; almost always in my home can not miss the arepa; this time I wanted to make a different way by adding vegetables and make it fried; usually I eat it roasted. I also wanted to accompany it with a rich and delicious shredded meat. It is a simple recipe but with Venezuelan flavor; here I show you how to prepare it.

La arepa es una de las recetas que caracteriza a los Venezolanos y existen un sinfín de maneras de realizarlas; casi siempre en mi hogar no puede faltar la arepa; en esta oportunidad quise realizar de manera diferente agregando vegetal y la realice frita; generalmente la consumo asada. Además quise acompañar con una rica y deliciosa carne desmechada. Es una receta sencilla pero con sabor Venezolano; aquí te muestro su preparación


200 grams of pre-cooked bread flour
1 carrot
500 grams of meat for larding
1 tomato
1 onion
½ paprika
2 garlic

200 gramos de harina pan precocida
1 Zanahoria
500 gramos de carne para mechar
1 Tomate
1 cebolla
½ pimentón
2 ajos



Step 1

Paso 1
To start this recipe take the carrot, remove its skin with a potato peeler and grate it with a cheese grater.
Para empezar esta receta tome la zanahoria, quite su piel con un pela papa y ralle con un rallador de queso.

Step 2

Paso 2

Then place on top of the carrot, the precooked bread flour with salt to taste and water to knead the dough.

Luego coloque encima de la zanahoria , la harina pan precocida con sal al gusto y agua para amasar la masa

Step 3

Paso 3

Then take a portion of dough making a ball and then with the hand we make the arepa that is thin.

Posteriormente tome una porción de masa realizando una bola y luego con la mano realizamos la arepa que quede delgada.

Step 4

Paso 4

Fry with sufficient oil and brown on both sides.

Lleve a freír con suficiente aceite y deje dorar por ambos lados

Step 5

Paso 5

To make the shredded meat, take the 500 grams of meat, put it in a pot with enough water and let it soften and then shred the meat. After the meat is shredded, place it in the same water where it was boiled and put it back to cook while preparing the vegetables that give the meat its flavor. Cut the vegetables and blend them and place them on top of the meat along with salt to taste and olive oil.

Para realizar la carne desmechada, tome los 500 gramos de carne , coloque en olla con suficiente agua y deje que se ablandara para luego desmechar la carne . Luego de estar desmechada coloque con la misma agua donde se sancocho y volví a colocar a cocción mientras preparaba los vegetales que le dan el sabor a la carne. Los vegetales los corte y lleve a licuar y coloque encima de la carne junto con sal al gusto y aceite onotado.

Step 6

Paso 6

Here I proceed to open the arepa and place the shredded meat filling.

Aquí procedo abrir la arepa y colocar el relleno de la carne desmechada.

Final Result

Resultado Final

A combination of vegetables with the popular arepa Venzolana.

Una combinación de vegetales con la popular arepa Venzolana.

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These look delicious, you are making me hungry! 😋


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This looks like one of the best African Street foods
I may try this for my man someday


Hello friend
I don't know if you eat arepa in your country, but if someday you dare to prepare it, I assure you that you and your partner will love it.