BBS Decentralised Social Media - First Confused Look!

What an interesting encounter!

That through crypto banter's show I actually discovered this beta (?) testing fully decentralised platform that reminded me how facebook first looked like; but a lot more confusing along the way - the BBS.Market , where all your posts can be sold off like an NFT!

Mind you, I am still discovering the place while I am writing, and if you are confused reading this, means I am still quite lost in the space! haha

Another thing is that what I have learned today is that this is actually a pre-mined tokens I am earning here if I get to sell my "thoughts" as an NFT ("tweet")

Let's dive straight in, shall we?

First Look

After being stuck unable to join the space for almost 3 weeks due to network outage, it was fairly easy to join the site provided you have either a valid email address / using Google account to log in.

But if you actually do want to synchronise with your personal (verified) twitter account or even facebook, you can do that too.

But hey, who'd want to link your decentralised (probably uncensored) social media account with a centralised one?

(Especially for the libetarians!)

I went for the old fashion way; with the email off course.

Joining a channel and start "selling" your (short) posts

Just like channels in, you can easily join into any available community that is there. And apparently, I think each BBS actually offers some bonus sign-ups for you to "buy" other people's NFT "tweets", not for withdrawal.

Since it was Crypto Banter team advertised this place through their YouTube, I might as well join the community and see what happens.

Like any other community, as long as you abide with the rules, you can post any of your original thoughts / content there that relates to the community so that people who likes your posts can "own" what you posted officially.

So out of sheer fun and testing, I posted my random thoughts, at all channels that I have joined, and apparently, my post was sold for $0.30 to a user called Raiden.

Since I only joined Crypto Banter channel, it appeared there.

THEN.... I realised that my profile logo was not set...

Now the confusing part...

Where is my profile page??

I accidentally omitted the uploading profile image during sign up as I was without my ever ready profile image with me, and when I wanted to update the profile, it took me a good 10 minutes to figure out which button actually goes to my profile!

Hidden subtle at the right side. A lot of people would have thought that button is "creating a new post" kind of a button, since it resembles a notepad and a pen!

So over here you can choose your all time loved profile picture and you can add your description as well.

I can still choose to link to my centralised social media account should I choose to do so - maybe later.

Voila! Easy Peasy!

I think...

Anyhow, I still have loads to discover, like how to make a BBS of my own, where maybe the noise community can also join the fun as well.

I guess this will be up to another day of adventure!

How about you?

Would you purposefully post your thoughts for sale?

Something else I have learned is that when a person buys your "thoughts" (short posts), you get a tiny portion of the "royalty" from the buyer, but the majority earnings goes to the BBS founder. I saw a part is that they allow extra stake holders to have the BBS channel, but I think it is for the future; like multiple admins and moderators.... sort of.

Anyhow, I actually created a Team Malaysia BBS and specifically only open to Malaysia / Malaysian contents and I do welcome my fellow #teammalaysia to join as the "airdrop" of TEAMMY is only around 24 hours left (I think - I hope the system will continue to airdrop members who login daily) before BBS Token is officially launched and it will be in the exchange later.

At the moment, all BBS channels are 1:1 BBS token, and they are targeting it as 1 BBS = $1. However I personally do not know whether it will crash (due to massive dump) or not haha.

My personal thoughts

I think if "Communities" (during the STEEM -> HIVE creation) was obviously based on this, however the reward system (tokenomics) is very different compared to HIVE because our rewards is based on our own staking; while BBS has this "UBI" 0.5 (channel token) "airdropped" with your daily login, and the more channel you join, the more constomised tokens you will earn to buy off other people's "NFT tweets", not just to own it, but you actually can place add revenue to promote your website there as well / you lease it to other people.

Very interesting way to encourage people to "buy and use NFT space". If community in HIVE actually creates a BBS channel there, don't forget to comment it here so that I can check it out too!


So far, I am pretty grateful that my idea of gifting an 18 year old BTC in a compoundable centralised finance service is good, despite it is actually a centralised finance haha.... but that's a stepping stone on the right direction, yes??

Until then



Time sure flies! I am "4 years old" now! haha

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Hahahaha... you truly deserves a toast on always trying to find new routes to earn money and report it back to us!
Cheers to you!



ah ha ha. Thanks so much for the Beer tip my dear sis! Yes we have got to find new ways to keep our money working hard for us!


Thanks „ your sharing is good.


Thanks for your visit. Do check out if you are interested in creating your own community