My New Home Appliance Won the Best Worth Bought Item Award in My House Today

Investments sometimes do not return in monetary gain / crypto gain; it can also comes in a different form: Priceless Health.

And today, this new addition to my home appliances have just won itself an award!

Started with my dilemma whether to get a vacuum cleaner in May or mom's birthday present first ever since I started feeling a lot harder to breathe of late with also my parents started coughing pretty badly, I have decided to surprise her with something that delights her (and also to encourage her to sit still a little more with a better entertainment of her cooking guides on YouTube), I have decided to endure a little longer while saving up with all the fiat and crypto I can spare, while searching for a good solution for my allergy to dust, that is becoming a real problem for my health.

Then the opportunity came! And after looking at every single of their product, I have decided to burn my wallet a bigger hole because of its available features that is friendly even for seniors to use (flexible head).

My first impression

When it first arrived with the nicely well preserved package, I noticed the flag that was at the top. I got to know for once that a US trademark product is actually affordable in the South East Asian market.

The packaging was nicely done, and none of the items were bent, and each of the items do not feel "cheap" like substandard quality. I guess some of the US trademark items still do take pride with their design.

(Particularly the red metallic finishing for the longer stick)

A lot of those China sent items, their user-guide can be really pathetic, and this one came pretty well printed even with a lower quality paper. But who cares of the paper quality? Most importantly it is easy to read!

The one thing I didn't expect: was the swivel head is actually the flexible hose attachment, which can be a minus sign because it is a little flimsy while vacuuming the floor with the sick, that was actually true after I give it a try and it requires a little more control while vacuuming with the extension stick.

And THIS, is what I burnt my wallet for: CORDLESS!

A lot of the Cordless attached batteries are flimsy or too bulky, but this seems pretty futuristically convenient; better still 80% charged.


I gave the battery charging a try, just to make sure it is working. If this doesn't work, I will need to call in immediately for a 15 days warranty 1-1 change service. Fortunately, it was working.

Another plus sign I have learned from this vacuum apart from the conventional ones is that its head is actually motorised with a light! I am already really impressed with how simple yet convenient it is to have everything attached yet connected electrically!

And what happens after 10 minutes?


Not that the machine broke; but the result it successfully gathered just from my room, a small part of the kitchen, and the living room!

Good thing the bag-less feature unlike the conventional vacuum cleaners, this is relatively easy to clean, and I can even have it a quick rinse after I discarded the horrifying dirt and dust and wipe it clean before the next round.

Another good thing I am loving about this product is that you literally can dismantle them part by part for a better maintenance! The motor and the handle is detachable while the dust collecting part is rinsed off and dried.

With the dust mite head attached, even with 2 rounds of vacuuming on my parents' mattresses this the vacuum cleaner delivered what it promised; and you can literally see the horror of what it has been settling on the bed (no matter how often we wash the bedsheets) and what has been causing my parent's skin to feel itchy all the time, and probably my many nights of sudden inability to breathe properly (without the air-conditioning turned on for its filtration function) + a 16 hour running air filter!

Like it or not.... this gadget had to step in to do the heavy lifting!

Overall Rating?

All I can say, this new appliance has received its crown from me!

With the new flyover highway that has been building the last 2 years, the tolerance of the construction pollution has reached its ceiling for me and my family. And to be able to have a less chest pain lung every time a dust allergy attack particularly recently, this is already a BIG WIN for my investment.

Do you know that Lung Cancer doesn't only comes from smoke and 2nd hand smoke; and construction dust can also be one of the causes?

I know of it because my sis-in-law's father, who is never a smoker, a construction boss, died of lung cancer some time back with the cause from construction debris (from cement, concrete, paint dust particles, etc)

And getting these dust out of the way is definitely lessen the probability of 2nd hand pollution victim!

What about you?

Would you spend a little more (not cheap but still less than $100 USD worth) of a home appliance such as this one that could eliminate some unwanted unseen enemy to your lungs and your nasal airways?

Would love to hear some thoughts from you!

Until then



Time sure flies! I am "4 years old" now! haha


Love your extensive review on this vacuum cleaner! This truly cause for a celebration that you managed to tackle your allergy and getting these horrible dust out for your parents' health worths every penny!



Well, this new vacuum cleaner looks like it's already making itself useful. 2nd-hand smoke is the worst!

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