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Hello world and fellow Hivers

Another Weekend event has passed and I'm not entirely happy about my performance, but I did I tried my best! I think again that the main problem with my performance was that I was getting outplayed by some decks that are too powerful atm! We will discuss this later with more details. I will play a lot of matches throughout the week because I want to test some new additions to my decks and I will probably focus on updating my Nature deck!

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Deck List

Light Deck

2022-05-11 (4).png

I tried to update my previous deck with some necessary additions like the relic Ecclesiastic Encourager, I added of course another Prayer of the Desperate and the last thing I did was to add the Thaeric Extortionist, a card with a huge value! But if you will find out in a little bit, you will see that these changes weren't good enough!

Nature Deck

2022-05-11 (6).png

This is the other deck I used in last weekend's event and as you can easily understand the reason was that my performance of my Light deck was not so great! I did win a couple of games with this deck also but I switched again after some losses.

Report from Weekend Event

2022-05-11 (3).png
The rewards are definitely better than my previous weekend event and I'm glad for that but I didn't manage to reach my goal of 15 wins! I will try to do better next week and maybe I will try to construct a meta deck but that depends on how my matches over the week will go. To be honest, I don't even know how can I counter decks like Heirloom Death Deck, because that was the main reason I lost so many battles. If you know of any good budget solution to this, please let me know in the comments!

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Unpacking Rewards

2022-05-07 (2).png

2022-05-07 (6).png

2022-05-07 (7).png

2022-05-07 (8).png

2022-05-07 (9).png

2022-05-07 (10).png

I am very satisfied with the rewards because I didn't have a single copy of the majority of the cards that I got! As I said many times before my main goal is to expand my collection and to have the ability to construct many decks!

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Watch the Action!

Now you can see one battle for my latest weekend grind and watch how my deck performed against a Light deck! I am expecting your comments and your thoughts about the battle in the comment section! I hope you will enjoy it!

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