Share Your Battle Challenge with Legionnaire Alvar!



The Chaos Legionnaires are ruthless warriors and the Chaos Legion's elite fighting force. Alvar Veralyn was conscripted into their ranks at a young age after his family was slain and his world conquered by the Chaos Legion. The harsh conditioning that all conscripts receive nearly broke the child, but in the end, his old, easy way of life was subsumed by the desire for battle and conquest. Alvar dedicated himself to his training, intent on reshaping his mind and his body until he had no equal on the battlefield. Eventually, he rose to the rank of General and now stands as leader of the Chaos Legionnaires.

Alvar is a most imposing sight on the battlefield. His armor is imbued to withstand the strongest of magical attacks, and even the mightiest of foes is no match for his massive, two-handed sword, which some say was forged in the Realm of Nightmare. He lives for battle, wading through his enemies and striking them down as he seeks out the strongest among them to engage in single combat. He enjoys nothing more than watching the life fade from his opponent's eyes. His conquests are legendary even among the Legionnaires, and he earned the title of Godkiller after the Battle of Dargnilat, during which he single-handedly defeated one of the Old Gods.


Legionnaire Alvar is a Legendary card and I believe he is the first one in the history of Share Your Battle challenges apart from the Dragons. Things are going to be interesting to write a challenge with them, because the Legendary cards can single handedly decide the outcome of a battle.

In the battle I would like to share my tactic for the Equal Opportunity ruleset, which is one of my favorite, because it allows me to use a lot of tactical thinking for the upcoming battle. 😎


This week's battle challenge features the Legionnaire Alvar, so let's see his stats and abilities on all levels. 😁



The Legionnaire Alvar is a neutral card, which means that we are able to use him in any battle with any summoner. This is amazing, because he will be versatile and useful in many situations.

This card is a tank, because of his high Armor and the Void Armor ability, which means that the Magic 🔮 attacks damaging this Monster's armor before its Health. This will allow many useful tactics, for example if you use a monster with a Resurrect ability to bring the Alvar back to life he will have 1 Health, but a lot of Armor again, so nobody could kill him with one shot. 😁

The Legionnaire receives the Giant Killer ability from Level 2, which will allow him to deal double damage to any monster costing 10 or more mana cost.

Usually I rent him on Level 3, because that is the maximum available Level in Gold League and where he gets the Demoralize ability, which will reduce the Melee ⚔️ attack damage to all enemy monsters. 😇

I never used his Level 4 ability, which is the Deathblow and allows this Monster to deal 2x damage if their target is the only Monster left on the enemy team. I think this ability belongs to the weakest abilities in the whole game and could use some refurbishment. 😉



Equal OpportunityAll Monsters have the Opportunity ability.
HintSpeed and HP is the trick here: higher speed will let you target enemy's low HP monster first, opening the way for your slower monsters to deal damage to higher HP enemy monsters. Keep lower HP monsters in front. Monsters who have two attack types should always be preferred.

The battle I would like to share has a mana cap of 44, which is not a lot, but allows me to use some of the best monsters what this game can offer. 😊


My lineup and the decision behind it!

Thaddius Brood


I have choosen Thaddius Brood for this battle, because when I saw that all the best Melee Splinters (Fire, Water, Life) are available I knew that I need a Splinter who can counter the most Melee monsters and that would be Thaddius. 😁

Even though his ability is to decrease one Magic attack and Health to all of the enemy monsters his monsters are amazing against Melee creatures. 😉


Main Tank
Chain Golem


The Chain Golem is my all time favorite tank, because he is well protected against any kind of incoming damage thanks to his Shield and Void abilities. This two ability means that all the incoming attack damages gets halved (rounded up), except attack 1 which deals 0 damage to him.

Sometimes he is quite expensive to rent, but if you set up a nice bid you might get lucky and find a good deal maybe even a Level 3 version of him. 😊


Off-Tank and Damage Dealer
Cursed Windeku


Usually I use the Cursed Windeku at the front of my backline or at the back, but this time the Equal Opportunity ruleset allows my Melee attack creatures to be able to attack from the backline targeting the lowest Health creature from the opposite team. 🙃

The Thorns ability on him will reflect back two damage to any Melee attack creature hitting him and the Self Heal will help to sustain a lot of damage. 😇


Damage Dealer and De-Buffer


The Disintegrator is the first in line to reduce the Melee attack by one to all of the enemy monsters with his Demoralize ability and he is able to attack from the back thanks to the Opportunity ruleset.


Damage Dealer and De-Buffer
Legionnaire Alvar


The Legionnaire Alvar is one of the best choice in this battle especially with the Equal Opportunity ruleset, which allows him to attack from the back and further reduce the damage of all the enemy Melee attack creatures. 😅

Alvar is also a nice decoy in here, because as a low Health monster all the enemy monsters will target him, but his lot of Armor will mitigate a hefty amount of damage. 😎


Damage Dealer and De-Buffer


The Harklaw is an amazing Reward card (and he is still in print), because his main abilities are Demoralize and Shield. Usually he is a front tank, but in this fight I wanted him to survive as long as possible to have a creature to reduce my opponent monsters Melee attack continously.

He has the Immunity ability, which makes this monster immune to all negative status effects. This comes very handy aginst some of the Poisonous monsters, such as the Uraeus or Deeplurker. 😇


Backline Protector and Slower
Venator Kinjo


I didn't have too much mana left, so I just used the Venator Kinjo, who cost only two mana and he is untargetable as long as I have an other creature on the battlefield, thanks to the Camouflage ability.

He gives Slow to all of the enemy monsters, which will reduce their speed by one. Luckily he is able to attack as well with the provided Opportunity from the ruleset. 🙏




Click on the picture for the replay


This battle was an interesting one, because I was expecting my opponent to bring some kind of Melee attack team, so I prepared myself against that. I took 3 monster with Demoralize, so my opponent received 3 de-buff on their Melee attack creatures. Unfortunately he didn't bring a full Melee attack team, but at least my Thaddius removed one Magic attack from all of his mages. 🤣

1️⃣ In the first round all the enemy monsters were targeting my Disintegrator, because he had the lowest Health in my team, but luckily they couldn't kill him thanks to Thaddius. 🙏 (Alvar has the same, but the Disintegrator stands front of him! The Venator Kinjo is untargetable even to the Opportunity as well)

My opponent made a huge mistake bringing the zero mana cost Soul Fiend, because Adelade wasted her Resurrect ability on him instead of a much better monster. 😅

At the end of the first round my team killed his Adelade thansk to the Equal Opportunity ruleset.

2️⃣ In the second round I lost my Disintegrator as he had a very low Health left from the previous round and luckily he didn't die against the Jared Scar, so he couldn't Level himself up using his Bloodlust ability, but he became very close to die at the end of this round. 😌

3️⃣ The third round started finishing off their Jared Scar and started targeting their low Health support monsters in their backline as the Uriel has a lot of Health.

4️⃣ The fourth round was very bad, because I lost my Alvar and I missed his Djinn Renova with one of my attack, so she survived this round as well.

5️⃣ In the fifth round finally we killed his Renova and removed his healer, so we started focusing on his Bila Radiant. The Life Leech ability allows that monster to buff her Health up with every damage she makes. 😤

6️⃣ Uriel is a very strong attacker when he does damage, because of his Recharge ability, but the Shield on my Chain Golem helps a lot to mitiage that damage. In this round I still couldn't kill his Bila. 😛

7️⃣ In the seventh round we finally managed to kill that Life Leecher Bila and was about time to start damaging down that monstrous Uriel.

8️⃣-1️⃣5️⃣ It took a lot of miss and heal to finally kill their Uriel, which makes me secure the win. 🎉

It was a very difficult battle, because my opponent brought something different that I was expected, but luckily the outcome of the battle turned out very good. 😎


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Thank you so much 🙏 that you took the time to read my Weekly Battle Challenge.
I hope it was informative and you liked it. 🤞