Story : Jadur Tuli (Episode 01)


how are you all Hope everyone is doing very well. I am also very well. I will share a story with you in today's blog.

Although the story is not very long, I will share the story in two parts. Let's take a look at the first part of the story below.


A long time ago. Once upon a time there was a shepherd named Mark Gomez. He was very poor. What if the poor mind was full of kindness. Mark Gomez, a rich man's cattle grazing to run the stomach. Mark Gomez loves to draw.

One night, an old man gave him a dream in a dream. The old man said to him with the cotton, help the poor. Mark Gomez wakes up to find, indeed, a doll lying on the bed. From then on, whenever someone needed it, Mark Gomez used it. Maybe no one has enough water to drink. He would draw a river and the picture would become a real river. People used to water the fields from that river. Their time and effort would have been saved. Due to lack of cows, no one can cultivate the land. He would draw a picture of a cow, and indeed it would turn out to be a cow. They used to cultivate the land with that cow.

Basically, Mark Gomez was the magic wand when people were in trouble. Days are passing somehow. Slowly people came to know about his magic. Mark Gómez, after a few days grazing his cows, also heard that cotton can make everything come alive. He thought to himself, so if you have such a tuli, you can make a lot of money by making everything you want. He sent men to seize the cotton and arrested Mark Gomez. He is very happy to get the magic.

To be continued...

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