The Story of Arun and Varun (Episode 02)


hello everyone,
how are you all Hope everyone is doing very well. I am also very well. In today's blog I will share with you a story called the story of Arun and Varun. I will share the story in three parts. Let's take a look at the second part of the story below.


That elephant caught Arun from that forest. Meanwhile, Varun became too big to find. He entered a realm where there were no people. After a while he entered a palace where a beautiful beauty was lying. He called her a lot but she didn't wake up.

He had two sticks near his feet and head. He turned them upside down and the beauty woke up and asked who are you? She told him all her incidents. He also asked but who are you? He said, my name is Laila. I am the princess of this kingdom. My parents were killed by a demon. I am beautiful God saved me to die. The princess said, will you save me? Varun said but how? He said, there is a place where there are two birds, those birds should be killed in one breath. If not, as many drops of blood will come out of their bodies, then crores of giants will be born.

Then Varuna went to that place and killed both the birds with one breath and freed Laila. He ascended the throne of that country and married Laila. Laila asked him to go east, west, south. But he did not go north. Varun went in all directions but he didn't feel good if he didn't go north. He went there and a woman took a liking to him and made him a sheep.

Two or three days passed and Varun did not come home. He could not understand.

will continue..