Have you met GandElf the Great? :)

Today i've thought that i should build GandElf's cartridge in a personal way, therefore, here we go with my short #blog on which you can see this creations in a few of my photos ...

Here is Gandalf with his cartridge, passing the magic wood of the gringotts ...


Maybe, this would reflect into our World too, at least for the next period of time ...

Hope you'll enjoy the little story said through my photos.

Maybe it's true that sometimes, or most of the time, probably, a picture is worth a thousands words than a written story ...

As you can see, GandElf has its own lamp on his cartridge, especially while he is passing the gringotts wood and also his Halloween Squash buddy with him ...

The little gringott guardian was waiting him and lead him to their village on which you could enter only through a Portal ...


As you can see the gringott's hut looks almost like a futuristic one, even if it has been built with woods ... or better to say, lego woods :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, people from lego planet.

Enjoy my photos.



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