Journey on a cryptonian Tatooine planet ... My new starwars fiction episode

I know, some would say that this kind of scenario it's fiction, but i had a vision and we are on this path for a future that will look like the one from this editions of Star Wars movies.

I took these brand new #photos of our new lego sets from this awesome #starwars series.

Here we have Ali'ah Tusken Raider is meeting the awesome Mandalorian and the baby Yoda :)


In my humble artistic opinion, i think the future will look like this ...

Maybe people shall be prepared for some new congregations to appear as Tribes within the deserts, as Ali'ah and his tribe are living in our photo here ...


Maybe if the story, of appearing some new Jedis around this Matrix, maybe would give everyone some hopes, for a better Matrix ...

Maybe even Jedis, or Jeddaks like the one for whom i've created his dewpack, would represent some magic tribes rising inside this Matrix.


While trough this whole World we are seeing only actions that are not leading to the right Path, maybe, the appearance of some Jeddaks will help this new future that will inevitable appear on the Horizon ... Maybe some already have been born :)

I am just waiting to see if the alliances will be made between Tribes, such as Tusken Raiders did with the Mandalorians, especially in my #fiction #scifi story :)

Maybe this happened because of the appearance of baby Yoda ...


While some have celebrated all this time, like a big party at the Hogwarts Castle, and, i'll compare this in a metaphoric way with this magic place ...

Especially during this period time of total reset ...

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-17 at 21.35.45.jpeg

Some, maybe were living the path of a true Jedi, discovering themselves through meditation and creativity, even if they would live inside a bamboo forest ... :)

Now, which path have you chose?

The one of the average lost soul, which is tempting itself in an illusory #lifestyle or through the sacred path of Jeddak?


Maybe, everyone must reflect on this aspect of life and understand that even if all these things are happening, 'cause they must happen'around this matrix, soon or later it will be all related to your own path of Enlightenment, or better to say "the Path to Enlightenment and Redemption" of everyone's souls :)

Take care people of #proofofbrain planet and hope to see a different path of this new #blockchain which will reset this world as well.

Ciao a tutti!

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