Battle Mage Secret: The Bloody Lustful Light


What's good Splinterlands!

This week's Challenge Rule: AIMLESS.
Skill Description: All monsters have the Scattershot ability. You can follow and join the official contest Battle Mage Secret Weekly Challenge for this week.

This ability makes all monsters attack at random positions on the battlefield. (For melee: Same rules apply, as long as it has Sneak or Opportunity skills).

I wanted to do the battle challenge with a combat rule of what's featured for this week, but sadly I couldn't get a decent game with the week's rule set. 🥲

But instead, I want to feature a game battle I had that I called: The Bloody Lustful Light. Personally, I'm not a fan of using Light Splinter deck but I was able to draw out some awesome cards from the daily chest reward and this is the game play I'll be sharing today!

Battle Cards On Deck

Franz Ruffmane

This card is one of the New reward card from playing daily chest reward or season reward, and gives the ability to use Gladiotors from the gladius case card.

Gladius case: These are battle cards that you can purchase from the shop using Merits, they extra battle cards that are normally played only for Brawl battles.

Jared Scar

Jared scar is one of the Legendary Reward card that you can get from chest rewards as well. A Melee battle card with high damage with Bloodlust skill.

Card Stats:
Mana cost: 7
Speed: 2
Health: 4
Shield: 2
Atk Dmg: 5 (Melee)
Ability: Bloodlust (Giving this monster +1 to all stats if gets to defeat a monster)

Captain Katie

This is a Rare battle card is one of the Gladiator that you can acquire from purchasing the Gladius case from the shop, it's a Magic card battle with two skill ability

Card Stats:

Mana cost: 7
Speed: 3
Health: 6
Shield: -
Atk Dmg: 3 (Magic)
Ability: Bloodlust (Giving this monster +1 to all stats if gets to defeat a monster), Snipe (targets its damage to any creature with range, magic or no attack)

The Battle

In this game, only Fire and Light are the only Splinter deck that can be used with a maximum of 23 Mana pool. I chose Franz Ruffmane as my Summoner, Jared Scarr First position, Captain Katie Second Position, and placed Ureaus in the last position as my Meat Shield.

Since the Mana Pool was only 23 and the only Deck to choose from is Light and Fire, I assumed that my opponent would choose a Fire Deck that would use cards with Opportunity and Sneak Attack, and this is how it went.

Round 1

The opponent had the first move, and with 2 consecutive attacks from the back, he was able to take down my Ereaus in the first round. Jared Scar took down the opponent's first position, triggering its Bloodlust and giving it +1 to all of his stats.

Round 2

On the second round with Captain Katie's Snipe, I was able to take down the Spirit Hoarder at the same time triggering her Bloodlust increasing her stats.

Round 3

On Round 3, I get the first action, taking down Antoid Platoon and Serpentine spy, further increasing the stats both of my remaining cards.

Round 4

On Round for I had higher total speed in the battlefield, and so I have the first action, started b Captyain Catie taking down opponent's Ereaus and Finishing it by Jared Scar taking down Tenyii Striker, ending the battle with a Bloodlust party!

Captain Catie had a total of 6 Magic damage and Jared Scar with 8 Melee Damage from scaling up with card battle takedown.

That's the end of my Game battle, showing you guys how to utilize different battle card combination, skills, and positioning.

If you want to watch the full game battle click the Game replay


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