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What is Up Splinterlands!

Two days ago another Season ended for splinterlands and I got bagged some awesome rewards! And I am here to share it with you guys! So before the season ended I got a total of 37 Chests! I screenshot them 10 chest per batch , check this out!

Win! Win! Win!

Batch 1 - Chest Open

Screenshot 20230301 at 3.50.48 AM.png
On the first batch, Luckily I were able to get a (1) Chaos Pack, Some Splintershards Token and Potions!

PrizeTotal Amount
Legendary Potion3
Splintershards (SPS)0.6
CHAOS Pack(s)1

Batch 2 - Chest Open

Screenshot 20230301 at 3.51.13 AM.png
Next batch opening, I got some Legendary potion, Alchemy potions, (4) NFT Cards - Tenaceous Grunt, Imperial Knight, Coastal Sentry, Dumacke Orc, Splintershards token and some Merits!

PrizeTotal Amount
Legendary Potion4
Alchemy Potion3
Splintershards (SPS)0.257
NFT Card(s)4

Batch 3 - Chest Open

Screenshot 20230301 at 3.51.39 AM.png
Third batch opening we got, some Legendary Potion, Alchemy Potions, (2) NFT Cards - Octavia Shadowmeld & Wily Coyotian, Splintershards Token, and some merits.

PrizeTotal Amount
Legendary Potion3
Alchemy Potion5
Splintershards (SPS)1.986
NFT Card(s)2

Batch 4 - Chest Open

Screenshot 20230301 at 3.51.54 AM.png
And on the last batch we got, some Legendary Potion, Alchemy Potions, (2) NFT Cards - Pyrewatch Devil & Swamp Spitter, Splintershards Token, and some merits.

PrizeTotal Amount
Legendary Potion3
Alchemy Potion3
Splintershards (SPS)0.149
NFT Card(s)2


I were able to pool total of Legendary Potion (13), Alchemy Potion (11), Splintershards (2.992), Merit(s) (78), NFT cards (8), Chaos Pack (1)! I am satified? Of course I am!

New to splinterlands?

If you are new to Splinterlands and you want to create an account you can use this link and use my referal code: lucimorningstar and start your Splinterlands journey! Splinterlands is a #playtoearn Card battle simulation game just like your old school favoite Magic: The Gathering or Heartstone which ever comes first! On this verse, for a low investment of USD$10.00, you can purchase the Spellbook and you can earn with your account and of course if you want to maximize the earnings you need to have other valued cards, but no worries because you can rent them with in the game!


"We are the Devils and Angels, We are all The Beginning and End, the Gods and the Non-gods"

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