Splinterlands Social Media Challenge: New Summoner Reward Card


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What is Up Splinterlands!

For a month of playing I think I have completed all the Splinter's Reward Summoner! With this Cards I am able to play 1 Gladiator Card on Rank battles! If you're not familiar with Gladiator Cards, these cards are normally available and playable for Brawl Battle only.

Brawl Battles that you can do if you're in a Guild. This Gladiators are from the Gladius case that you purchase using Merit in the Shop

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The common skill of Gladius Cards, is Bloodlust, For every kill your Gladius Card does, it increases all of it's stats by 1 point! which is almost unlimited, and unstoppable! I'll like how I am able to play these cards especially in rank battle. If you haven't got the Summoner Reward Cards, here they are.

Introducing Reward Summoner Cards

Eternan Brune

Eternan Brune
Fire Splinter
gives -2 Armor to all enemies monsters and gives the ability to use 1 Gladiator

Eternan's Splinterlore

Pembrook Nymph

Pembrook Nymph
Water Splinter
gives +1 Health to all Ally monsters and gives the ability to use 1 Gladiator

Pembrook's Splinterlore

Lobb Lowland

Lobb Lowland
Earth Splinter
gives -1 Speed to all enemies monsters and gives the ability to use 1 Gladiator

Lobb's Splinterlore

Franz Ruffmane

Franz Ruffmane
Life Splinter
gives +1 Armor to all ally monsters and gives the ability to use 1 Gladiator

Franz's Splinterlore

Octavia Shadowmeld

Octavia Shadowmeld
Death Splinter
gives -1 Health to all enemy monsters and gives the ability

Octavia's Splinterlore

Althought these cards have high Mana cost, if it's favor a player, it really is useful. Since I am just renting cards, playing with no summoner lowers the reward that I receive every battle, and because of having these cards, I get to maximize my reward points!

For everyone who's not familiar with the rewards, Splintershard is one of the valuable token of Splinterlands World, listed as one of the alt tokens that you can view on coingecko. Merit is one of the token you can collect in-game to purchase the Gladius Pack, the cards from these packs can be used when playing Brawl Battles. Legendary/Alchemy Potions are Potions are used to increase your drop of rare and legendary card(s) for every Card reward. Splinterlands Card are NFT cards that you can Sell, Hodl, Rent, Use in-game to earn more reward!

So if that doesn't excite you, I don't know what! there is more coming for Splinterlands keep posted and join the Splinter Community! Cheers!

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