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Between tablets and injections, which scared you more as a kid ?, Do you remember how you reacted when you were being given an injection or made to take a drug ?, Was it funny ??

I know we all must have had or witnessed a lot of dramatic and funny events that had to do with taking tablets or injections. The funniest of all are always those involving children.
Some children cry while taking injections, some scream in fear and some even faint. one very funny event I witnessed was when a child knelt before his mum, he was crying and begging because he learnt that the doctors prescribed some injections for him "mummy I'm sorry, if I've done anything bad to you, please forgive. Don't let them give me an injection, please!!! " he said as he held the legs of his mum.
He feared injections so much and he could do anything to avoid a jab.

Back then in my neighborhood, one of the people kids feared the most were nurses. They feared nurses because they were the ones administering injections. If a child was stubborn or was doing something wrong and they wanted the child to stop such actions, they would just threaten to invite a nurse over. Because children feared nurses, they would stop such actions and even beg for forgiveness.

Even grown-ups fear drugs and injections, sometimes they even try to evade injections too.

Just recently, I called a friend of mine through the phone and while we spoke she complained that she had a stomach pain.
I was a bit worried and advised her to go see a doctor but she refused saying she would be fine that it was nothing serious. I called her two days later and this time she sounded really weak and pained. When I enquired what the problem was, she said she was still having stomach pains.
When I asked her why she hadn't gone to see the doctors yet, she said she was hoping that the pains would subside but since it didn't, she would just have to visit the doctors later.
she said she was reluctant because the doctors would punish her. It sounded so funny and crazy because, for we all know ,doctors help people and not punish them, so I had to ask her why and how the doctors would punish her. She said they always gave her a big pack containing so many disgustingly smelling drugs that she would have to take and the thought of how she would have to go through the punishment of taking drugs for weeks scared her. She said she hated drugs with passion

It sounded funny but I tried not to laugh. How would one choose to bear stomach pains because they didn't want to take drugs ?.

But thinking of it critically, taking drugs can seem like a punishment sometimes, especially when the drugs are bitter and have disgusting smell. If ever you want to see a funny face, go look at the faces of some children or adults when they take some of these bitter and disgustingly smelling drugs. It is always very funny. We tend to squeeze our faces like we are going through some excruciating pain or as if we just ate lime. Such faces sometimes look funny or scary and sometimes could even make a little child cry 😂😂.


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Taking drugs or even administering them to people sometimes can be a hell of a task. The worst is injections. Some people tend to shake like they have fever at the sight of the syringe. They get so scared as if they're about to be killed. Some kids try to run away and even try to fight the nurses when they are about to be given a jab. It's always dramatic to watch although we try not to laugh so it doesn't seem like we are not matured.

Even some grown-ups are terribly frightened by injections. I've seen a case where a man couldn't just bear to be given a jab. He was so scared of injections that he would visit the toilet severally whenever it was time for him to have a jab. The nurses were always patient but sometimes they laughed too. Whenever the nurses brought out the syringe, he would ask them to give him a minute that he wanted to pee. When he came back and is about to be given the jab, he would beckon on them to give him another minute that he needed to pee again. He would do this about 3 times before the jab. Even while they're about giving him the shot, he would still be shaking and acting like a baby, and before the needle touched his butt, he would scream so loudly as if he was being killed, holding firmly and squeezing whatever he laid his hands on.

We all have our stories about injections and drugs, some of us prefer injections to drugs while some would chose drugs over injections. As for me, I hated both of them.
I never wanted to be given any. One of the things I hated the most about being sick was the fact that I always had to choose between my worst nightmares - Drugs or injections.

My story about drugs and injections can be really funny.
Even as a kid, making me take drugs wasn't easy, it was like war. I hated drugs and injections so much that I could even pretend to be fine when I was dying in pains.

My mum always went through a lot of troubles to make me take my drugs. She would try to woo me with everything she could think of. she would buy me different stuffs and would even beg me and promise me the world. Whenever I eventually took the drugs, I would vormit it and it was always on her body.

Even when I learnt to take drugs, I couldn't bear for it to touch my tongue. I would put so much water in my mouth, tilt my head upwards, then drop the pills in my mouth so it wouldn't touch my tongue before it went down my throat.
Sometimes I would swallow the water but the tablets wouldn't go down. Those were one of the worst moments of my life. I would then chew the tablets. (eeww!!😫😫 ). It was always so disgusting. You needed to see my face at that point, It always looked like I had eaten faeces.

Injections caused some drama too. All the nurses and doctors in my family clinic knew me. I always created a scene whenever I came to the hospital. Whenever they needed to give me an injection, they would never let me hear of it, else I would run away and my older sibling and a nurse would be chasing me around in the clinic.It was always very funny how although I was sick and weak, I always found strength to run when they wanted to inject me.
I could jump over tables and chairs in a bid to escape whenever I saw an injection.

Whenever they wanted to inject me, they would first of all lock the room doors, then they would have two strong men hold me still. I was a fighter, it was always like war but they always won. My siblings would always taunt me about how I was crying and flying because of injections. I didn't care, I was saving my ass ( so I thought ).

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How about you, do you have any funny memory of how you reacted when you were taking drugs or injections ?. If I may even ask again, between injections and drugs, which would you prefer ?. I would really like to know.

Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

Note that this writing is a fiction and represents no one in particular



Haha that last part though... Strong men tying you down to give you injection 😂 wonderful!

mummy I'm sorry, if I've done anything bad to you, please forgive. Don't let them give me an injection, please!!!

This got me laughing too... I remember very clearly how my sister and I would always beg dad too because we saw drugs and injections as punishment 🥲

How would one choose to bear stomach pains because they didn't want to take drugs?

Such is life for some and I'm in this category 😂 I'd rather bear the pain if I don't find injection treatment for it... I hate drugs before injections.

I've seen a case where a man couldn't just bear to be given a jab

Like you na... Strong men holding you is an example. Injection is a very powerful tool to get just anyone scared, but I've seen kids who take it like it's so normal 😳


Yea different people react differently when they're about taking an injection.
I really feared it. It was a night mare😄😄.
Thanks for stopping by