A well-spent day off from the stressful life at work.


Greetings everyone,

As I mentioned in my previous blog I went home to the province to spend my two days off from work. So as part of my routine, I made some household chores, washed some dirty clothes, cook some of my fresh pick vegetables and also did some gardening which is one of my favorite thing to do when I'm at home.


The weather was so nice that I can't help to pick some of my hibiscus flowers that bloomed that day.


Also, I was glad that even with the strong storm that passed by the other weeks and the extreme heat my portulaca plants are blooming beautifully even with less care. I do have six or seven varieties but now I'm a bit confused that where are the others now. Anyway, I just wait to bloom to see if I still have the other ones anyhow as from what I've observed this kind of plant does have a big chance of survival even if you just put a single stem to the soil, it will still grow.

Now Max looks so nice and clean after taking a wash.

I also took my dog Max a very nice shower since I can only wash him every time I'm around because people in the house were so busy that they forgot to shower him.

But, the best part of spending my rest day when I'm at home is the time I could spend my moment with my kids. For us to enjoy the day since it was the weekend and my eldest Carlo don't have a class I decided to bring the two to a barber shop to cut their hair.

before haircut

after a haircut.

For Carlo, the barber doesn't have a problem when cutting the hair but when it is Lucas's turn he was uncooperative and even started to cry because he feels that it was so tickling. Luckily I was able to have his attention with the phone with his favorite cocomelon show so while holding him with the phone the barber tried to finish his business and so we succeed.

After that, we also decided to come over to their papa's workplace since it was already a walking distance from the shop but that time was still sunny and Lucas doesn't want to walk so I carried him throughout the walk and I was sweating heavily.


After we arrive we go straight to the department store and as of the moment, we only did window shopping since I don't have the budget for it right now but I know our kids really did have fun strolling around, later on, we went inside the grocery area to see their papa and also bought the some of their favorite food to snack and we were so happy to see each other. After that, we ask permission from hubby that we were going ahead because it was late and there still have a lot of time to wait if we want to go home with him.

The following morning which is yesterday I head back to the City for work again so I'm gonna spend more days again stressed about the work and will wait again to have a day off. But anyway I'm still happy that for a moment I made some stress out and hopefully I can do more soon.

So how about you guys, how do you spend your rest day after work? 😉

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