Facts Behind Relationship Goals That Many People Show

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We often see on social media couples who upload moments that make us want to be like that. It feels good for us to make it an example of a desirable relationship. Sayings about relationship goals themselves will certainly often be seen in various comment fields. I just opened Facebook and saw lots of lovey-dovey posts on my homepage. I often ask myself, do they have a very good relationship like their uploads in real life? Don't you think about the facts behind their romantic posts? I realize that every couple will not be perfect in this world. You also have to be aware of that, so that when you are in a relationship you won't be disappointed because it doesn't match your expectations.

Many people are wrong in judging couples on social media because they only see from their uploads. Of course, it will be very supportive if you understand the fact that what is uploaded is not all true. This will make you think much more logically and also realistically in starting a relationship. Let's talk more about couples who seem to have the perfect relationship. What are the facts behind the uploads of intimacy that are always uploaded on social media? This will allow you to understand more about the concept of a perfect relationship.

Uploads of relationship goals are often a means of boasting

My neighbor, Rini, is a woman who has a good husband and they have a very harmonious relationship in their household. However, on their social media, they do not upload excessive intimate photos. In my opinion, someone who always overdoes it in showing off their affection is not happy. The posts they post on social media may just be a means to brag about their relationship to make it look perfect. His uploaders will often feel that his self-esteem is increased further because of his uploads. When someone uploads romantic content and gets a positive response, then it tends to be excessive. They will tend to overdo it in uploading romantic moments with their partners.

The fear of being ignored encourages someone to often upload intimate moments

My next response to uploading relationship goals is that they are afraid to be ignored. In addition, they are afraid not to be admired by others and want to seek attention. These feelings will be felt and make them want their relationship to be seen. They deliberately upload romantic moments with their partners so that others can see their happiness. Frequently uploading romantic content will often be done to be able to make other people see it.

Upload intimate photos even though the relationship is saturated

This is what my college friend, Lisa, also experienced. Lisa and her boyfriend look very affectionate and happy in their Facebook photos, even though Lisa often talks to me about the boredom in her relationship with a man named Rico. Saturation in relationships can be experienced by people who upload excessive romance. Of course, other people will see that the upload is very romantic even though it is not like it is. The response of people who see his uploads can certainly make his feelings much safer in a relationship. This becomes a problem related to a person's mental health in carrying out a relationship. The more often someone uploads excessive intimate photos, the greater the possibility of problems in themselves.

Make sure you realize that there is no relationship goal in any relationship and we need to be aware of that. Thank you for reading my article today. May be useful.