Repairing a relationship or breaking a relationship


Image by Unsplash

A 27-year-old woman consulted me via Facebook chat. The woman told me about her relationship with her boyfriend. She felt a dilemma to choose to continue the relationship or end the relationship with her boyfriend. From the story she told, she often quarreled over trivial things. Differences in opinion often make her boyfriend angry. The woman is often seen as defensive and often makes excuses. Her boyfriend thinks that she is not able to fulfill the request to please her boyfriend. In the end, she was at a loss to choose between maintaining the relationship or ending it.

From the story she told, it seemed a relationship with poor communication. There are many incompatibilities between them so they often fight. In a relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend, it will be easier to do when they both have the same goals and vision, and mission. Many couples start a relationship without the intention of being in a relationship until the stage of marriage. Things like this should be discussed in advance with your partner and also confirmed. Will this relationship last until the stage of marriage or just having fun?

If the relationship is just for fun, it's better to let go and find another partner who makes life happier and less stressful. However, if a relationship reaches the stage of marriage, then this relationship must be seriously repaired. Many people can't tell the difference between a wedding and a wedding party. Before the wedding takes place some things are quite difficult to do, namely preparing for the wedding. Many things must be planned before the wedding takes place such as the vision and mission to be achieved in marriage, the role of husband and wife in living together, financial management, etc.

The things I mentioned above are just a few of the many plans that must be discussed with the couple. Many couples after marriage and then divorce in the future because they never discussed wedding planning before they got married. Planning the vision and mission of marriage is very important because the relationship when dating is different from the relationship after marriage. Maybe when dating, decisions can be made by one party only, but not so after marriage. Therefore, establishing the principles of marriage before you get married is important.

The important thing that must be considered in a relationship with a partner is mutual respect, creating a sense of empathy, and good communication. If there is a slight difference in point of view in a relationship, it is better not to talk about who is right and who is wrong. But looking for a solution together to improve the relationship. As we know that dating or getting married is the union of two different persons. Therefore, good communication is an important way to maintain a relationship.

In addition, paying attention to the goodness of both parties will make the relationship work well. This is also one of the important things in my opinion. Have you ever seen the perfect match? What makes a perfect relationship? What is the relationship that two perfect people have? The answer is NO! A perfect relationship will be created when two imperfect people want to learn and understand the differences between their partners for the better.

This is all I can say. May we all be able to improve relations with our partners. Thank you