Taking my camera outside [12 pictures]


My camera hasn’t seen the outside world for more than 2 weeks now. I never find an excuse to take it outside until recently when there’s a holiday season in the country and family gatherings. I went to my grandparents house where it’s always quiet, filled with trees, tiny creatures, and sometimes rare flowers. That’s why it was a good opportunity for me to take the camera out, in hope I can catch any feathery friends around.

At my grandpa’s house I met with my sister. My sister and I walked through the neighborhood visiting the small park inside the residency. We used to play in the park and it was much more simple and wasn’t surrounded with flowers nor birds who were flying so low. But that day, we spotted a very busy park with butterflies and birds who were flying so low.

It was a lot of fun where we explored the neighborhood like we did as a kid. We talked about how people around us seemed to grow up much faster. The people we used to hangout with and even our cousins are married and with children. Meanwhile me and my sister are still acting like a kid, we put ourselves first, and we aren’t looking to settle down yet. We also walked down with our niece and nephew. When I think about it, in about 12 years, we’ll be called grandma if our niece and nephews married at a young age like their parents. There are so many things that we wanted as a kid that we haven’t achieved. And that day, I am reminded of those childhood dreams again. As we chatted, I pointed my camera at every flower that I could see. I hope by doing that, I can also teach my nephew and nieces how to appreciate mundane things in life, even as simple as flowers.

Not only flowers, in that park there's also a javanese architecture. In the past, it used to be a regular cubical house but it seemed the residents have transformed it into a nicer house with typical javanese architecture. Not to mention, the complementary caged birds really depicts the regular houses of people in old times.

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