Escaping Inferiority Complex

Inferiority Complex is something that has really eaten deep into many individuals.
I am a victim of this.
This Inferiority complex is actually a feeling of one not seeing himself as worth anything even when you know your worth it.
This feeling has been something I have struggled since my younger age.
Finding it difficult to express myself because I am always belittling myself not that I can't express my self but that phobia to do so.
It really ate deep into my mental health.
This affected even my communication and it made me a pure Introvert.
I wasn't really happy about it because it makes me sad.
It affects the way one approach people always feeling like your not enough even in a relationship, not intelligent, not able to take responsibilities which normally you were supposed to take up.
But then after battling with this through out my teenage age. At high school I made up my mind to work on myself and honestly since I was determined to do so
I conquered it.


Some few steps I took that really helped me were:

  1. Accepting the fact that this is the challenge I am facing then.
  2. I met a therapist who then guide me through conquering this feeling.
  3. Started learning how to speak up when it's meant for me to. This wasn't easy but trust me I conquered.
  4. I stopped comparing myself with others irrespective of their position.
  5. Engaging myself on books talking about this feeling and thus really helped me

This tips helped me really hard to curb this feeling.
You might be going through this, you can also escape from it.
Just believe you can and certainly you will.
I choose to be Happy 😊
I am a Survival ✊


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