car coffee

Hi all friends!!!

On this occasion I want to write about car coffee. Tonight I went to hang out in the city of Lhokseumawe and it also happened that it was Saturday night, so we decided to sit in the city. After carrying out the insya prayer, we moved there so that we would not be late.

As time went on, when they arrived at Cunda it was very crowded and people went mostly with their girlfriends and some went with their friends. Arriving at the car coffee, people were very busy hanging out here and some even went with their families who wanted to enjoy Triyuli meatballs, the meatballs were right near us sitting.

While enjoying coffee, we also bought toast before leaving and we bought these snacks so we don't eat wind while sitting hahah. The atmosphere is very calm and while sitting you can also see people who bring girlfriends. In front of us is also a group of girls who are beautiful and very pleasing to the eye.

The price of drinks here is also quite cheap and the way to order is also very easy and the people are very friendly. The drink I ordered was just chocolate because coffee isn't good to drink tonight. While enjoying coffee, we also tell stories here about the past when we were in high school and we really enjoyed this evening together because it's very rare for us to get together like this.

Maybe that's all for this post, see you in my next post.


1DeviceRedmi 11 Pro
2LocationAceh, Indonesia


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