I spent the whole day yesterday in the Union Parishad

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Hello friends how are you all? Hope you all are very well and healthy, I am also very well with your prayers and God's grace.

My few days are very busy, a few days ago three people very close and very familiar to me died, at the time of their death I came home from our madrasa, then I went to madrasa on the 24th of last January, but for special reasons I came home again on Wednesday the 25th.


The reason for my coming home is that the salary of our madrasa teachers has been suspended for three years, two years of salary will be paid in these three years, but before that they have made a new recruitment system for our jobs, in that recruitment system, I have to submit my national identity card as well as my birth certificate. Has national identity card but no birth certificate.

It is now mandatory for all citizens of Bangladesh to collect birth certificate, it is necessary to show birth certificate for government work, yesterday Thursday I was in our Gandail Union Parishad all day to collect my birth certificate.


At present digital birth certificate is being given to all citizens of Bangladesh, and digital birth certificate has to be issued online, for this it takes a few days to issue the birth certificate, but due to my lack of time, I issued the birth certificate in one day yesterday.

Yesterday at ten o'clock in the morning I went to our Union Parishad, I went to the Parishad and saw that there was no electricity, after waiting for a long time the electricity came.

As long as there was no electricity, I visited the entire area of ​​the Union Parishad office, before that I went to the Union Parishad but did not visit the entire office, yesterday I used that opportunity to visit the entire office.


In our Gandail union Md. Golam Hossain is currently serving as the chairman, digital services are provided in the union parishad, there is a village court in the union parishad where general judicial work is done, there is an agricultural advisory center for farmers.

In our union council there is a billboard on which the list of various activities of the union is posted, in front of the union council there is a huge signboard on which the various programs of the union are posted.

After finishing the work of the Union Parishad I came home at 3 pm, I went to the Union Parishad yesterday and gained some new experiences, which will share with you another day.

Thanks everyone for reading my post today.

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