My elder son Afif now goes to madrasa regularly


Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Hello friends how are you all? Hope you all are very well, I am also very well with your prayers and God's grace.

I came home a few days ago for a special reason, after coming home my main job was to take my elder son to madrasa, every morning at eight o'clock I have to take my elder son Afif to madrasa.




My wife used to take Afif to Madrasa before I came home, my son was admitted to Madrasa for the first time on the 10th of January, Afif's interest in studies is very high, I mainly admitted him to Madrasa after seeing his interest in studies.

My elder son Afif turned four years old last November, at this age usually one does not enroll in school or madrasa, but my son Afif is enrolled and he attends madrasa regularly, and studies very attentively.

I am taking it regularly to the madrasa after coming home. He will not go to Madrasa without me, Madrasa classes start at 8:30 AM and Madrasa ends at 12:40, during this time I sit in the Madrasa office room.




It should be noted that there is a new Madrasah in our area border market, the name of the Madrasah is Tarbiatul Ummah Model Academy, the Madrasah is brand new, for now students are admitted up to third class, this Madrasah gives importance to modern education as well as Islamic education and the students are qualified. Trying to build.

My son's great uncle is the teacher of this madrasa, that's why everyone loves my son Afif very much, the founder of this madrasa is my cousin Abdul Alim, he also loves my son very much.

When I first admitted Afif in madrasa I thought he would not attend classes but now he completes classes from start to finish. Spent the whole day today at my son's madrasa.

The pictures I shared with you today were taken with my SAMSUNG A52 5G mobile.

Thanks everyone for reading my post today.