Very nice photography of gourd flowers


Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Hello photography lovers how are you all? Hope you all are very well and healthy, I am also very well with your prayers and God's grace.

Dear friends, today after a long time I will share a very beautiful photography with you, the flowers in my photography today are white, these are gourd flowers, I hope you will like the photography.




My favorite color is white, that's why I wear white clothes more, everything white is very good, there is less chance of adulteration in white, but there is a problem with white, that is, white things need to be taken care of, because White things get dirty very quickly, and stains on white clothes are more visible. Today I said something about white because the flowers in my photography are white.

The flowers of today's photography are gourd flowers, Hazrat Muhammad SAW loved to eat gourd curry, gourd is a delicious dish, gourd curry with fish is very delicious, especially gourd with gourd fish is very delicious. Gourd curry tastes better when chilled. These gourd flowers and gourd stems can also be eaten as stir-fried vegetables and as a filling.




Gourds will slowly start coming from these flowers, many gourds are available in our Bangladesh during winter, our Bangladeshi girls cultivate gourds in their backyards, bus lofts are made to grow gourds, gourds spread in that loft.

The flowers of this gourd are very beautiful because they are white, after the flowers of the gourd plant, you need to take care of this plant, the more you take care of the plant, the more gourds will come and the flowers will not be damaged.



The photography pictures that I shared with you today were taken with my SAMSUNG A52 5G mobile, these pictures were taken from my brother's house after visiting Dhaka a few days ago.

Thanks everyone for viewing my photography today.