We should always refrain from wrongdoing and do good deeds


Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Hello friends how are you all? Hope you all are very well, I am also very well with your prayers and God's grace.

All people in this world try to show themselves as good, even thieves always think of themselves as saints and present themselves as good people in front of people. But whenever a thief is brought to trial, he himself is afraid.

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We have a proverb in Bangladesh "The police is the police in the thief's mind", that is, no matter how good people try to be after a thief steals, fear works inside. When someone said something, he thought it was him.

We all know a story, and tell this story jokingly in front of many people, there were some bananas in a house, a thief came and ate those bananas, already the owner of that house came, then the thief hides under the bed, the owner of the house realized and asked, Who is under the bed? Then the thief from under the bed said that I don't eat bananas.

Here, though the owner does not know who ate the banana, but whenever he thinks there is someone under the bed, he just asks who is under the bed? That's when the thief said from under the bed that I don't eat bananas.

In almost all such places, when a thief steals, he is first of all afraid, he always has the fear of being caught, not only stealing, but also the fear of being caught if someone commits any wrongdoing.

For this we must always refrain from wrongdoing, wrongdoing always causes unrest, and good work always gives satisfaction to the mind, peace is obtained through good work. You have to give up bad deeds and do good deeds.

Thanks everyone for reading my post today.