#WolLiv - Divock Origi caused a scene at Molineux Stadium

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It's game over between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Liverpool Fc. A very intense one at that.

My heart was racing from the first to the last minute of the game.

What a game!
What a win!

This is so thrilling. It's absolutely the best win we've had since the beginning of this season. We didn't win the usual Liverpool way. Our hands were forced so we had to grind out the win at the last minute of the game.

Kudos to the lads!

Adams Traore is a tough guy to have on the opposite side of the pitch. Lol. He kept Liverpool's defence on their toes.

Enjoy the video and tell me your reaction to the final scoreline in the game between Wolves and Liverpool.

It ended 1-0 in favour of Liverpool.

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