Breaking The walls Of Indecision Can Be Crucial

The human mind could most times be represented by an ocean, sometimes it's calm and sometimes it's chaotic. Naturally, a calm ocean flows in a definite direction, while a chaotic one is populated with waves, tumbling through banks to banks. This has been the frame of mind I found myself for a couple of who knows how long. I barely know how long it has lasted because I "was" literally trapped in it, I'm trying to believe I've cut loose from it now.


This started off as a thought of fixing things, to me it was harmless, I mean why would a thinking state of doing the right things be an issue? Unknowing to me that nothing really needed fixing. In a world of imperfections, as humans, we merely stand to believe it doesn't get bigger than that. Though everyone was born with that stigma which however becomes a blessing if only we can find strength in them. We consciously and unconsciously always seek that perfect life, well planned out, not only to feed our greed, but also that of the society.

In my course of being trapped in a state of thinking, I realized there's something bigger "society views" and that's "Personal values"

Most people believe the society knows it all, but what sorta good would judgements from a body of imperfections do? Being made up of humans is already a flaw, so therefore, the views of the sinners on sin are practical shits, because you can't possibly be a judge of your own weakness which is yet to be taken care of.

Indecision is one great hindrance of progress, it literally buys time and burns it. It's ability to eat time is astonishing, one second you drift into a thinking state trying to gage things, the next thing you know, you've spent your entire day thinking. The ability to snap out if it is very crucial, because anything that kills time kills progress.


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