Words Of A Few Paragraphs...


Yes, I knew I would fall back to writing one day, because somehow, it managed to be the one thing of satisfaction once I'm able to put down my thoughts into words of a few paragraphs. I remember when I was a bit younger, I would find myself walking round the house, talking to myself until literally everyone notices. No, this wasn't me trying to win attention, rather, I figured I do this often when I'm at my lowest. It was a form of exercising my mind, and at the end of these weird exercises, I would always have something to put down. Maybe a song quote, a first line lyric of a song, whatever.

One funny thing about me is that I have terrible handwriting. Yikes, they are a literal mess, at least to me. But most people tend to tell me it's beautiful and all that, but I'm always like, yeah, that's the same thing you all told the ugly lady across the street. Humans would compliment the wrong and criticize the right, I'm so used to that shit at this point. Notwithstanding, you may be wondering why the title? Even though I've managed to squeeze it in there, well, I have a way of hiding different messages in one piece. I find myself tasking my audience to figure the puzzle out. However, this, isn't that much of a difficult puzzle, it's actually a very easy one as though it's centered on "life"


Clear enough?
Here's the thing;

When it comes to life, most times, it is as short as the word itself, it presents itself as the most precious thing but brings out the worst experiences. Words Of A Few Paragraphs is more like a diary of different thoughts, maybe thoughts of creations, building, giving up, suicide, traveling, whatever, but it's written in few paragraphs to beat the odds of life, while still putting itself out there. I figured that even though one can't hit on his goals, he can at least write about them. There's something incredible about writing, we easily forget plans rather than scars, putting them down is the first successful move. Though it ain't all about money goals, that shits boring because most of the time we try to impress the world, sometimes all we wish to have is peace of mind. Over the years of childhood, I've learnt how tangible hiny pieces of shit notes are. I often find myself reflecting on past notes and they just seem to have a connection even when I didn't write them at the same time. Most times they serve as a motivation, helping me see things I had ignored before, this is one out of much more importance of Words Of A Few Paragraphs…


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